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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Fiberglass Frog

Started to strip the latest midget (rwa 1974) project down to the bones, no surprises its rotten as pear, so now what to do with it once all welding has been done ?
Does anyone have any pictures or info on fitting fiberglass Frogeye rear and front end ?
What I would like to see is how one would look with a Midget windscreen and wind up windows ?
The idea is to keep it very light and fit 180bhp ish K series.
All comments welcome.
Rob Newt

look at this website:

You will need a midget MKII soft top to fit the windscreen and the Bpost.

Perhaps, it is possible to keep the B post and the rear shroud with the boot lid and just cuuting around. And then after cutting the center of the frog rear, you adjust the fiberglass rear to the existing rear shroud to make a frog with a bootlid and you keep your midget softtop.
No idea if it is possible.

ld derancourt

Why not go for a Sebring replica? Just browse the Archers Garage web site for some stunning ideas!

Just try not to drool on the keyboard!

Guy Weller

the problem with the sebring is they are not open top. And some say the cockpit is hot.
But they are beautifull.

ld derancourt

Just to give a personnal point of view.

I have choosen the Ashley issue and not the sebring to restore my GAN1.
But I was asking myself to modify the car with rear frog wings (as I wrote before)
and modify the shark mouth of the front end to accept a frog grill.
And why not cutting and fixing to the body the rear side of the front end as it is shown on 1413WD or 8426UE.
My Ashley front has got headlamp cover and looks a little bit like those two healey fronts.

I will not ask if it is a good idea, as I will receive very differents points of view: Good idea, stupid guy and so on.

Just to say there are a lot of possibilities with the spridgets.
ld derancourt

dont no why but I have never been too keen on the Sebring nose but saying that I love the hard top look.
I have seen this tifosirana conversion before, just could not remember the name, thanks for that, the site makes interesting reading.
As a modified fun car I dont think they look too bad (some purists might think different)not too keen on the price though when I can go to and buy front and rear panels for alot less, just hoping someone will come along and tell me of any pitfalls of doing this type of conversion to a Midge ?
Rob Newt

Take one rubber bumpered Midget

remove any bits you don't need/want

add several bits of fibre-glass from Tifosi

and a very quick modified Triumph Spitfire 1300 engine

cooling to suit

enough mods to suit your self

and show it all to a passing Dutch guy

striped long shorts?

oh well


bill sdgpm

That'll be Kate's Tifosi - I did an awful lot of the work on that. :)
Deborah Evans

I'd say you've every reason to be proud of that Deb

very nice car

I 'spect Kate gets many "shiney shovel" moments with it
bill sdgpm

Well I finally convinced her to remove the execrable anti-tramp bars - she wouldn't have it until I demonstrated how bad the car 'hopped' on a bumpy straight road.

When we released it from the 'shop I did the test drive - I asked her if she wanted to pax with me.

I think she was rather startled when I drifted it round a roundabout at 70+ - I was grinning like a lunatic. :D

Since then I have replaced, rebuilt, and rewired her dash (it was worse than a dog's dinner).

One of these days we will meet up on an MGoT event - she's asked me to show her some race lines. :)
Deborah Evans

Well after looking at a few now, Iam thinkinkg the conversion looks good and as its will probably end up as a trackday car Iam not going to worry too much about my conscious, the main thing is this little mustard midge was about 12 hours from going to the scrap heap,so another one saved !
If there are anymore pics nocking around,I would love to see some more,thanks

Deb I have my first trackday at castlecombe in Sept with the turbo Midge so any tips greatly recieved.
Any one from here going?

Rob Newt

My uncle has been going on about the tifosi - and has had a good dig around them, so, yeah - they are probably about the best you can have, if you want that sort of thing.

Pics of my Tifosi here -

My original body is an early shell but with virtually everything replaced apart the front scuttle. tifosi are very helpful and I am really pleased with the kit.
John Collinson

great way to begin an album
holes in an engine block where the should not be ;)
Onno Könemann

John Thanks for that very impressive photo album,my minds made up on the conversion, just dont no if I should go for the A or K engine ?
Rob Newt

>>just dont no if I should go for the A or K engine ?

Well ... you really mean A-turbo or K series - that's the more realistic choice.

Much of the decision is preference. Over 20K+ miles I can say

- my K is maintenance-free, apart from oil/filter changes, 2 plug changes, and one cam-belt

- doesn't need re-tuning

- doesn't drop oil

- instant response to throttle

- delivers 40mpg with 0-60 in <6s

My K is a standard 1.8 MPi, which saw 142 bhp / 165 lb-ft at Aldon's rolling road using an Emerald ECU.

There are several 180bhp examples you'll find in the Twin-cam board... not as torquey as mine below 5K rpm. Russ Morgan has 209 in his...

Anthony Cutler

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