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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - HIF44 Connections

Hi. I am fitting an SU HIF44 to my 1275 engined midget after reading all the positive comments. I know there's a lot of stuff in the archive but none of it answers my questions. I seem to have more than enough inlets/outlets on the carb and would like some guidance on what goes where.
All the inlet/outlets are on one side. The bulkhead side when mounted. I have 5. The upper most and nearest the engine has a small bore. (not the dizzy vacuum)
There are then 2 lower ones. The one away from the engine has a black filter pushed on to it.
Lastly, 2 lower ones at the same height. One plain and one with a lip. Can anyone please advise? Also where does the breather pipe fit from the front of the engine then go?
W Clough

On mine I can only recal 2 outlets both on the bulkhead side. 1 is fuel in & the other is overflow out in case the reservoir level is not maintained.

I wonder if you have a smogged i.e California Environment version or similar.

Have a look on the following:-
Gavin Rowles

what's the origin of your carb? and does it have a tag with a spec number on it ?
Many 44s had an anti-run-on valve facllity, a pipe allowing connection to a solenoid-operated valve which opened to atmosphere when the ignition was turned off.
Another version of the 44 was used on Rover turbo-engined cars (Metro, Maestro,Montego)- these had a balance pipe which connected to a spigot outlet on the inlet manifold, and another pipe providing pressure sensing to the rising-rate fuel pressure regulator. So up to 5 pipes are possible, sounds like you may have one of these. Does the pic help?

David Smith

Hi. Thanks for looking at this for me. My carb is not like either in the picture Dave. It's a bit like the naturally aspirated but I have additional pipes as described initially. The pipe with the small bore which is the uppermost one angles upwards and its od is .231" and the small bore is between .030" and .050". I bought it through ebay and it was said to be off an MG Metro. There is no tag on the carb. The black cap has LZX1773 on it. The body had PDC/V. The choke cam has 6091. I also have a threaded spigot at the top of the heat shield and don't know what was attached to it.
W Clough

Is this like yours WC?

Lawrence Slater

Hi. Now I know I can upload a photo this may help you to help me. The 5th pipe is under the black bobbin which seems to be a filter.

W Clough

have you tried google images yet? lots on there, with links and labels etc...
David Smith

Just to bring this to a conclusion and to provide some feedback, I have now discovered that I was sold an HIF38 in place of a 44. I bought off ebay about a year ago so I will just sell it on ebay as an HIF38. I bought a proper remanufactured HIF44 and it is on and working. Cheers
W Clough

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