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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Midget Electrical Problems

I have recently acquired a 1979 Mg midget 1500
I am having a problem with the current electrics.
Only one rear light works
No indicators work
Headlights have worked once, I think, due to me running the engine for a while which charged the alternator.
Hazard switch does not work.
Instruments (speedo, rev counter, fuel etc..) Do not work
But door opening light works and so do the lights for ignition oil and beam.

Having a hard think what It could be!
Any help would be muchly appreciated!
SL Wheatley

Earths sound a likely place to start.

To make it easier, tackle one circuit at a time.
Lawrence Slater

Earths as Lawrence suggests but also there may be issues with the bullet connectors just inside the dash above the driver's leg. They can come loose, get corroded inside and build up resistance.

The springy connector tubes also break so they lose their grip over time.

All easily (hur hur) checked by lying on your back under the dash and checking them just above the offside trim panel.

It's NOT easy to get at them but easy to spot any loose ones when you are there.

Ideally you need a multimeter and then you can trace each circuit from source until the volts are lost. Get a circuit diagram so that you know which colour wires are doing what. Try starting at the fuse box. Have you got power at all the fuses? Are any fuses blown? Then get at the back of the switches by prising the rockers out of the panel. Is there power there? Go to the lamp units etc. Is there power there? Are any bulbs blown? As Lawrence says, is there a good earth connection at the lamp units?

You need to go through it logically eliminating one thing after another. The wiring of these cars is not complex and you should be able to trace each circuit quite easily.
Mike Howlett

Will try all this evening and let you know how it goes
Many thanks for all the comments!
SL Wheatley

Hi welcome,
as others have put, plus column switches

also for tracking electrical and ignition issues you need a battery in good condition and fully charged to make the work easier and prevent false diagnostics

all wires, cables, earths and connections need to be clean, secure and protected

a wiring diagram and lots. lots more useful information for owners can be found in a reprint of the original Driver's Handbook that would have come with the car when it was new

Ref: 0053 -
Nigel Atkins

Definatly a logical approach and plan of attack is 100% the way to go

But just a thought there are 2 flashers... One for hazzards and one for turn signals....have fun, i dont envy you

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I DO envy you.

I love solving electrical problems :o)
Dave O'Neill2


Try this link, it has a good section on the wiring

Good luck, I'm going to start figuring out mine soon!
J Paul

Just found this too:

J Paul

good of you to put that up but OP has a later car than that diagram, the 1979 Midget probably had all the bells and whistles by then certainly a few more fuses and hazard lights and er, other stuff, seat belt warning?
Nigel Atkins

J. Paul....where did you find that one at you have alink for an american 1971 midget
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

it might be from the link before
Nigel Atkins


That is a really good on-line resource very indepth ....they did have the wiring schemes, but not in color ....thats going to be a winter project for me... A colored electrical scheme, esp with all the electrical mods ive made over the years

Prop and the Blackhole Midget


I did find this one in colour for 1978 - 80

I hope that helps some of you.

Kind regards

J Paul

Hi Prop,

I found that colour version here:


J Paul

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