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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - starter motor removal

'evening chaps. So just got in from under the midget trying to get the starter motor out. It's a 1275 as nature intended; bolts came out clean as a whisle but is there a "trick" to removing the motor?
Please help. I'm finding it difficult to type with skinned knuckles...
David Cox

Convert to LHD, starter drops right out without the steering shaft in the way. :)
Chris Edwards

Thanks Chris. I like solutions to problems that involve creating other problems to divert attention! lol
David Cox

I had mine out of 1275 midget several times without difficulty. It sort of drops vertically downwards to the ground, pinion pointing upwards.

Roly Alcock

David Either:
Mark the dizzy (so you don't loose the timing) undo the clamp and remove out of the way. Starter then just lifts out the top.
jack car up, put on full lock and remove starter by reaching in through the triangular hole in the inner wheel arch. This is a bit awkward, but can be done.Oh, and disconnect the battery first, then the leads to the starter motor before you attempt to lift it out!

Guy Oneandahalf Sprites

thanks for input Chaps. It seems like one of those Christams cracker puzzles of two rings that you have to separate! I'll try again tomorrow..
Guy: I thought of that "through the hole" dodge but my clutch pipe nicely obstructs the passage!
David Cox

As Guy says, whip the dizzy out. You may need one of these however to get the pesky bottom bolt done up again.......Who said small girls shouldn't ferret around in cramped dark spaces.....

Matt1275 Bucks

Yep, small bodies & hands can help sometimes...used my grandson a time or too in tight spots!

Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

distributor out..followed rapidly and easily by the motor. Took the opportunity to change the points and condenser. Car now starts [and runs] like a dream!

what'll happen next to test my patience?

BTW.. I found it easy to get to both fixings on the motor with car up on ramps.. no need to employ small children for that job at least!

Thanks for input!
David Cox

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