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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Toyo Tires


After reviewing the other thread regarding tires...I decided to start a new one specifically for Toyo's.

From the archives - past comments seemed positive and on our side of The Pond - there are a limited number of dealers of this brand. These retailers seems to be in the "second tier" not the major high volume brands. Could be that the "mom & pop" small garages might be able to offer a decent price for a decent brand.

I plan to replace my (somewhat??) original 145SR-13 with 155x80x13 - staying with the original Rostyles rims. My tires feel hard as a brick and the sidewalls are starting to show signs of dry rotting due to old age. Driving less than 1,000 miles a year - I'm not really worried about the replacement tire mileage warranty - I just don't want the cheapest tires around...that could lead to cupping, belt shifting, etc.

Anyone out there with some real world comments on the Toyos - I am not sure if they are available in more that one quality line...Am I going too big with the 155x80 criteria? I also have the 3.7 rear axle gear set that I plan on adding AFTER the new tires are on the vehicle...

Thanks for any comments...

Mike P.
Buffalo, NY
Mike Pelone

There is a lot of useful comment on 155-80's on a recent thresd.

The difference in diameter between 155-80 and 145 is only 15mm, or 2.5%, about half that of the diff change. Combined they'll add up to about 7% change in the gearing, which is a useful gain at cruising speed.

It all comes down to how much you want to trade off acceleration against cruising revs, and what sort of hills you have to cope with on the roads you usually drive on.
Paul Walbran


I have been using 165/70 13 Toyo 330s for several years now. Different size to what you are after, but I like them. Reasonable price for a reasonable quality tyre.



The larger circumference is one of the gains I hope to realize - my 72 RWA is turning about 4,000RPM at 60MPH - so even a 5 to 7 percent gain will be a plus...It's pretty flat around the Great Lakes shoreline - so hills won't be much of a problem. I just hope that the drop off in acceleration will be slight (or not even noticeable) - but that is the one lingering concern I have if I toss in the 3.7 differential that has been gathering dust in my garage following the tire purchase...


I was surprised that it's going to cost me about $90 per tire installed, re-valved, balanced and out the door. Seems a bit on the high side for a seasonal car like mine - but I am looking forward to a "stickier" tire - the Michelins are brick hard and the rear end gets a little loose going up the on-ramps on the interstate...but that's what the extra pair of underwear in the trunk is for...

Plan "B" is to order (or import) a set of Mini-Lites with new rubber from one of the usual suspects in the U.K. - but they usually feature tire brands that we don't have over here - plus the $dollar to pound exchange can be a real bite in the rear end...

Thanks for the comments..

Mike P.
Buffalo, NY
Mike Pelone


Toyo as a brand are good, they used to have their UK HQ near by me

your present lack of grip will almost certainly be because of your tyres extreme old age and lack of use

get some new tyres on and use the car more, a lot more, and the car will get better as will your driving and enjoyment of it

I've no idea why it should be a seansonal but that's your choice or circumstances but over here many of the best driving days are during the winter and the weather can be better on some winter days than a lot of summer days

at 1,000 miles a year you can afford to get some grippy tyres as they are bound to last the 6 years you should keep them

if you want better value out of the tyres you could increase your annual mileage

Hopefully some usefull info for you:
N Atkins

N Atkins:

The seasonal ground clearance under my midget tends to go to zero anytime after December 25th...They call us Buffalo, NY for a reason...

So how are the seasonal highways out your way...

Mike P.
City of No Illusions, NY

Mike Pelone

I can't see your problem if you keep a small shovel in the boot :)

I'd no idea you got that much snow - still you're OK up until the 25th :)

apart from the most recent two winter going back about 28 years - on average we have only 3 nights a year where fesh snow lays

my friend up in Cumbria in the north of England (passed the snow line) would never believe me until they got broadband and I sent photos of the only days it snowed with me

one photo I sent as it snowed from 5 years ago

the Triumph GT6 at the back is small but the Ford Capri in front of it isn't that much bigger just camera angle - both parked on the road as my wife had to have our single hardstanding parking for her car . . . as "it was snowing"

N Atkins

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