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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - who is the best engine builder?

I'm going to be getting a spare engine built for my 1500 this year. The idea is that it will be ready for when the car comes off the road in October. Inevitably I'll be getting some other things done at the same time.

I'm looking for an engine that is a bit up on power but addresses any inherent weaknesses and provides a nice tractable fast road engine.

I'm in Suffolk and whilst geography isn't the only deciding factor - nearer may be better.

Looking for some opinions and hopefully first hand experience.

Thanks, Tim
t halket

Tim you can email me if you want my comment from my experience

nigelatkins at btinternet dot com
Nigel Atkins

If you're not doing it yourself - there is only one person who knows the 1500 - it's capabilities and weaknesses and is THE BEST - and not far from you either!

Deb Evans of Priestess Engines - even better, she's an active member of this board.

I'm sure she'll be along later and will give you her details - otherwise stick a search on your previous posts and you'll get her e-mail address.

Please ignore some of the crappy urban myths you've been reading on the 1500 engine - she'll put you right on them too!

Common people have him send it to Prop! I'm sure he could have it ready by October, just not sure which year!
Seriously, from the information Deb has posted about 1500s I don't think you could do better.
B Young

Not sure who is the best builder of Triumph 1500 Nidget engines as I have only experience of A Series engines

But having more than 40 years experience of A Series engines I could without effort name 10 different builders more than capable of building proabably the best A Series in the world! :)

The point is that there will be numerous engine builders more than capable of doing your job. So as Rach has said if you can find someone local then use them, you will be surprised at how much that means.

The person I use to build my engine lives and works only 25 miles from where I live and that has saved me a fortune over the years.

The one person who I would definatly NOT give the job too is one named PROP. :)
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

>>>>>Common people have him send it to Prop! I'm sure he could have it ready by October, just not sure which year!

The one person who I would definatly NOT give the job too is one named PROP. :) <<<<<<<


Yeah sure...send it over, I got time to so screw it up, Im sure I can have it completely knackered beyound repair by friday... hahaha

That said... 3-X on Deb Evans, another option would Be Peter Burguss

Prop...Arogant enough to Trash one good engine at a time.

Hi Prop

Thanks for the recommendation. I only build A series and B series engines, 1275 midget A series are getting a little scarce for good donor parts. B series I still have a fair few blocks and cranks and wot nots. The last 1500 we built took 3 or 4 donor engines to get enough good parts for the build :(

We do heads for all four strokes.

P Burgess

Does anybody have a phone number for Deborah Evans? I sent her a couple of emails last week, but no reply so far.

Perhaps someone could ask her to contact me.

Thanks everyone.

t halket

Her e-mail can sometimes be silly like that - I'll let her know and give her your e-mail if you'd like.

Thank you Rach, that would be great.

Regards, Tim
t halket

Have done


She isnt still state side is she

BTW... when are you headed for to the top of the great white north...Hockey is in full swing ya know.


No Prop she's back in the UK now but only just!

Don't rub it in!

Hi, I've still not heard from Deborah. Is she on holiday perhaps?

t halket

Could be - I've got to go over that way sometime, but life has been really hectic the past few weeks, so I'll drop in and see

Hope Deborah gets in touch soon; I've just brought a Ginetta G15 that'll be needing attention.
t halket

LOL - she is pretty good with them too!

I saw her last week, and she'd been having a few problems with 'tinternet since getting back - I should have offered to get your phone number, so sorry :(

That's what I'd heard!

Rach, if you drop me an email, I reply with my phone number.

Thanks again for your help.

t halket

oops, forgot my email address.
t halket

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