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MG MGA - Mounting Brackets for fog lights

Does anyone have for sale a pair of mounts for fog/driving lights. The type that mount behind the over riders. I have the driving lights but no mounts and I can't afford a second mortgage to go shopping at Moss.

(down under)
Brian Woolmer

Give Todd Clarke a call at Clarke Restorations. He used to have really nice ones and he said once they wwere gone, he wouldn't be gettingmore so you may get a better price. Google his site for the number. Cheers!
Robert Maupin


I asked Tod just the other day if he has some left and he has quoted me $65 for one.

John Francis

Moss makes reproductions, but last I recall they didn't fit right. The fit is tricky because the mounts need to get out of the path of the overriders. Todd's parts are excellent so if he has any fog light mounts I'd jump on them. They'll be expensive but at least they'll fit. Otherwise you can always try find used on eBay and get them rechromed.
Mark Lambert

Thanks everyone
Brian Woolmer

Pair on UK Ebay:

I think my pair were probably Moss. Tight fit with the overriders as Mark says, but finally went on okay.

Steve Gyles

BRIAN, I HAVE ONE I COULD SELL. I AM JUST ABOUT TO SEND A fuel pump To A GUY IN MORNINGTON VICTORIA Australia. I could double up if that would help. Its new and in good shape. Let me know. My e-mail is
Tom Peotter

Thanks everyone - I found some used ones locally for the right price.

Brian Woolmer

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