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MG MGB Technical - Moprod/Ecco Fuel Pump

A friend with a big healey had a fuel pump failure and when I removed it found a plastic electronic "Moprod"pump. These are made in New Zeland I understand. On dismantling I found a broken[torn] check valve. The check valve is a white plastic or nylon disc with slots held in with a sort of flexable plastic brown wheel. I will try to attach a photo with the valve parts. In the photo you can also see the valve seat.
Anyone know where I can purchase replacement valve discs?

Barc Cunningham

Barc - the valve reeds are not available as a replacement part, only the entire valve assembly for the SU pumps (same size and shape at the reed you picture). If you can find an old SU fuel pump, either the AUF 300/AZX 1300 series pump used on MGBs or the AUF 214 pump used on the midgets and early Mini, youan salvage a reed from them. Personally, I would replace the pump as the older MoProd pumps had a nasty habit of developing cracks around the inlet/outlet ports (I have been assured by the Managing Director of FuelFlow that this situation has been corrected). Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Here is the part Dave is referring to.

Tony Oliver

Dave & Tony, thanks very much for the help. With a new check valve it could make a good emergency pump to connect in the engine bay when necessary.
Barc Cunningham

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