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MG TD TF 1500 - ? Fender Holes

I noted these two small holes on the left rear fender. None on the right fender.

Any information what they are for?

This is on the lower middle of the flat panel on the fender

Bruce Cunha

Never seen those on any of my fenders. Havenít a clue
W A Chasser

Now Iím scratching my head. Look at your tub isnít there holes that match the wing with the holes. Seems to me there needs to be bolts to pull the fender down at the rear off the arch to secure the tender and the welting. Heck Iíll have to look at my spare quarter panes in the shed tomorrow. I donít remember what I had for dinner.
W A Chasser

The picture does not show the two bolt holes, top edge and bottom edge. They are there, but these two small holes spaced about 4" apart on the lower edge are not on the right fender, only the left.

If added by the PO. they did a good job as both are exactly the same distance off the rounded lower edge.
Bruce Cunha

I looked at fenders on Chris's page and on Ebay and cannot find any with these holes. These are located in a place where there is a large space between the fender and the frame, so I have not a clue as to what would have attached here.

Just another Hmmmm of TD restoration.
Bruce Cunha

Okay so now Iím really confused. The pics you posted donít show the holes in question? Then I revert back to my original answer.
W A Chasser

here is a better picture. The two holes are where the wire is attached. They would be verticle when the fender is installed. No holes in the fender well that would match up with these.

Bruce Cunha

Bruce: Do those looked stamped or drilled? If stamped that would be odd.

If drilled I was wondering about an antenna bracket? Or stop light?
Christopher Couper

I looked at Bill's TD and the place where the holes are is against the inner fender well. There are no corresponding holes in the inner fender.

There is evidence that the car was in an accident probably in the 50's/60's. It could be this is a replacement fender and that the holes were for something like a fire extinguisher bracket that was mounted on the inside of the inner fender in the back of the car.
Bruce Cunha

Do the holes have rough edges like they were drilled out?
Christopher Couper

They look drilled, but then I have sanded the fenders, so any rough edge is gone. It is too late to fill them, so they will be there for someone later on to wonder over.

I think the potential this is a replacement fender is a good possibility, and the holes do look like if they were drilled fully through the inner fender they would be about the middle of the inside compartment.
Bruce Cunha

My father had all sorts of weird additions to our TD during it's first 20 years. I had to fill all sorts of holes around the car, mostly on the firewall but other places too.

Some examples:

* air horns like they had in Tijuana taxis
* Ham radio receivers and power supplies in all sorts of places
* various antennas drilled into sheet metal
* towing attachments and wiring
* ad hoc turn indicators
* harness seat belts
Christopher Couper

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