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MG TD TF 1500 - 14 month resto video

After playing with it all afternoon, I uploaded it and it deleted the music I pulled off my CD' no but here it is. Play your own tunes I guess

Excellent video LaVerne and thanks for sharing. The speed with which you completed this restoration is impressive to say the least, and the TD looks terrific.
You be the man LaVerne.

Cheers -- John
John Brickell

Zimmies song done by Kenny Wayne Shepard was the opener taht took you to the start of the repair work folled by Fixing a Hole by the Beatles and finished with Prayer by the Beach Boys..oh well.

Interesting air intake manifold...what were all the holes drilled in underside?
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Ya got me Gordon. Thats why I replaced it with another one.

Curious. A previous owner drilled holes on the under side of the air filter canister on my car. I am about to plate them over so I can run the filter with oil as intended. Perhaps there were theories around about needing to improve the breathing. Rather extreme to drill the inlet manifold though.

Dave Williams (TD10254)

Quite a story! Too bad about the music. YT is picky about that. Hope to see the finished product in Arvada.
efh Haskell

At least you didn't have to sand on the thing too much. BB do look good in the end. Dan
Dan Craig

My guess is this is an attenp to increase airflow to the carbs, Or to insure that your lump has that true MG Oil leaking everywhere look

T. L. Manion Thomas

Nice show. It played music on my computer. (just kidding)

I think you did an outstanding job. Can't wait to see it.

Dave Braun

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