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MG TD TF 1500 - 17,000-Mile TD on eBay?

I'll need a whole lot of further pictures before I believe this. Any thoughts?

Pretty fun that the original owner, Homer L. Hexamer of Canton, O had a brass ownership plaque made up for the car!

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

I would guess 117,000.
J K Barter

Low miles doesn't mean it's a great car or candidate for restoration. In a dirt floor barn, every piece of wood could need replacement even at 17K miles. An engine can be ruined due to moisture and lack of oil circulation.

Original dash cover and seats? If so, it could be a 17K mile car. These covers usually suffered greatly in the sun and fell apart. MOST TD's dashes lost that covering in the 60's, 70's.

Brake and clutch pedal pads usually tell the tale.

Is that original paint ?
James Neel

the ad says seats redone at some point-dash does not really look like the same color as original door panels in that picture..
would definitely need more pictures to reach any conclusions...
it does look like a nice survivor, even if not everything is original. If the paint is really original it looks pretty good..
J K Barter

the ad says seats redone at some point-dash does not really look like the same color as original door panels..
would definitely need more pictures to reach any conclusions...
J K Barter

Looks like he flipped the patent plate and had it engraved.

I would concur 117,000 miles. Still a fairly original car but obviously at TD registered first in 1952, but no a 1952 production car. I can't make out the car number but it looks like TD5606?

Nice example of Almond Green with Green interior.

But $18k? Sorry. It needs a full restoration and I price it at $6k. Its has no value as a survivor IMHO.

OK. Just saw the picture of the production data.

Car TD6605. March 1951.
Christopher Couper

Tell him he's "dreamin".
John Walton

I like it a lot, the color and the interior and the dash but I bought mine two years ago for $18K and I think mine beats his up one side and down the other - no rust, good paint and most everything works. I agree with Chris and others that it would need a full resto to be a car of pride. So, $5-6K for the car, $15-20 for the resto and a great car for $25-26K. I think mine was a bargain. Now I'm looking for an MGA driver to tool around in while I do some stuff (engine rebuild, Len's roller cam, maybe a 5 speed and other little things). Just my newbie thoughts. Jud

"Let's take a run up the Saluda grade to Maggie Valley and back by way of the Blue Ridge Parkway ~ 300 miles"

J K Chapin

It has had dash, seats, carpets and engine restored at some stage. The other lining looks original. I doubt if that is the original paint.

M Magilton

John W, Good comment but wasted on those that haven't seen The Castle, an Australian film that I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it.
Max Irvine

Blue fan? Yellow upper hose connector and lower pipe? These are not something painted recently. So someone did some work on the car in the past.

Also, there is no trace of nickle on the ID plates.

Looks like it had a heater at one time guessing by the plate on the firewall behind the engine. I would agree 117,000.
Bruce Cunha

Yeah Max, great flick. I think Caton surpassed his Uncle Harry with that one & even achieved a degree of immortality. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

"never left Florida & clean Title"
Homer L. Hexamer of Canton, OH. Plaque?

"1958 winner of the concours d'elegance"
A 6 year old car won that title?

Looks like a pretty rough life on the engine of a 17,800 mile car.

Rott under drivers door scares me.

I'd love to see the carpet near the accelerator pedal!

Those carbs were cleaned 3 years ago and the air filters look that way? Were they "cleaned" with a garden hose pumping salt water & oil?

A believer I am not IMHO.

David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

Must have been a "different" one!

David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

J. K. what's your speed going up the hills near Saluda on 74/26? I pass through that area once in a while and wonder if I'd be in 3rd on the shoulder at 30mph.

No one has mentioned the extra tread strips on the front fenders yet.
MG LaVerne

Those air filters and glove box pull belong on something else.
$6-$7000 sounds fair.
It's ripe for restoration.

almost $19K NOW!
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

As WC Fields says "there is a sucker born every minute"
T Maine

MA, I can usually hold 35-40 mph going up US-176 but of course slow down to 15-25 for the sharper hairpins. I avoid interstates and interstate look-a-likes if at all possible so I've never taken the TD up the Saluda Grade on I-26. Jud
J K Chapin

Those extra running board strips were a popular dealer accessory. The seats, carpet and paint have most definitely been redone. That paint looks like rattle can paint. It does look to have the original bumpers.
This car may be "all there" but original it is not, and it is rough. It will most certainly need a total rebuild. Wood, metal, engine, mechanical, interior, everything.
D. Sander

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