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MG TD TF 1500 - 1938 TA Tickford

For those who have deeper pockets than I, there is a 1938 MGTA Tickford up for auction on Ebay.

Looks nice!


Funny... I have never found the Tickford models at all attractive... think it is the big chrome 'landau' thingie on the roof...and having a roof half open never made sense to me.... now an Airline...sigh....that would be the model to own!

Hey Gordon - I agree - I think the standard car looks best, followed by the Airline, then the Tickford - I think it was aimed at a more civilized mode of open motoring!


That car has been on the market for quite some time. I seem to remember that he was asking around $40K for it several months ago. I guess he feels it's worth more now!
Steve Simmons

Now you don't see one of those every day (unless, er, you own one). Very nice indeed. Might make this a featured auction on my site.
Steve James

He also has a 1939 TB for 30k.. like it better..

He must really like T cars... looks to be a TD and a TC in there as well!!!

er..ah.. TF and TC

Just curious...could someone else look at the distibutor on his TB (eBay item 330268718488) and tell me how his car could possibly run?

Maybe he should look at his Tickford distributor...then he could get his TB to run.
Gene Gillam

Could be his anti theft device Gene.


....and have a look at the fuel pump apparently swinging in the breeze on the TA. Still a nice though.
Anyone have a reference for TA engine colours? I thought green, but maybe a production change?

Matthew Magilton

Oops... TF... senior moment.. we TD owners see those tail light bezels and just stop looking!!!!

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