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MG TD TF 1500 - 1950 TD LHD $11K

Looked at a TD today asking $11,000, pretty good shape.Son says restored about 1987. Needs a new paint job, although looks good at 50ft away,maybe just cleaning&waxing for this summer. Rebuilt engine starts right up and idles steady, oil pressure ahout 58 pounds. Chrome in excellent condition, good tires,convertible top and side curtains need cleaning or replacement. Wood seems OK.Engine compartment needs steam cleaning.Registration ran out March 08.Pretty sure it would go for less money. Son has no use for it, has all Moss paperwork and workshop manuals from the father.Trying to decide to make an offer or continue restoring my 53.
Any thoughts?

Price sounds very fair, I'd buy it, enjoy the summer and continue with the 53 TD restoration. You can't have too many MGs.
Bob Grunau, Canada
Gordon A. Clark

As sdescribed, it probably should bring $7,000 more than the price you mentioned. Buy it quick but be sure your appraisal is correct. I'm always careful about big bargans.

Dick Thomas
Dick Thomas


Why is Bob Grunau's name below your sign-in? Or is it Bob in disguise?

Gene Gillam

That sounds like a real bargain. Some "projects" are going for $6000 to $7000. An average driver sells for around $12000 - $14000. The big question is the condition of the wood. Check the low areas with a sharp instrument looking for soft wood.
Good luck-
Roy Challberg


I didn't even send that entry - have no idea what's going on here!

Any more monkey biz and I'm going to contact Mike Plumstead

I did contact Bob earlier in the day ~ am looking for a TC/Kimball steering wheel. But I have no idea how that that one came about.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu.

Gordon A. Clark

Fess up,you've been unmasked.
Paul Gaynor

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gblawson (gordon)- TD#27667

Daniel, could you please contact me? I'm interested in talking to you about the TD you're looking at.

Just incase my email address doesn't automatically list it's:

Jacqueline Peabody

A chap stopped at my place on Saturday while I was washing the TD.... said he had one for sale for $18,000 Original paint and in good shape... I saw it a few years ago and it seemed pretty nice... Have his number if you are interested. brg/biscuit
gblawson (gordon)- TD#27667 sent.
Best regards.

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