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MG TD TF 1500 - 1952 MG TD bumper overriders

I am a proud new owner of a 1952 MG TD which I waited 63 years to purchase. Unfortunately it did not have bumper overriders. I've been to Moss and some other sites. What they are asking is over priced. Does anyone know where I can buy overriders at a reasonable price?
ST Reale

You might find some on E-Bay
I've got to ask,, why did you wait 63 years?/ Sounds
like an interesting story in there some where,,,,

Steve Wincze

Well, just about everything for these cars is overpriced, in my opinion.

Keep an eye on eBay, of course, and there are a few people who inhabit this board who deal in parts. I'm sure that one or more will contact you.
S Maas

Moss is asking $50.
I can tell you that you could not get a used one chromed for that.

I can also tell you there are a lot out there (on eBay) that say MG-TD and look like MG-TD but will not fit without reworking the area where they clamp to the bumper.

Been there done that.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Expensive? I had to laugh. You can buy an entire front and rear TD bumper assembly for less than a 280Z front facebar. Try finding a 77-78 Z front bumper guard- when they were available years ago they were about $200 each, turn signal/light swtiches between $200-600 if you can find one. While not the least expensive hobby car, most T-series stuff is pretty cheap, and best of all nearly all available. George
George Butz

Just my opinion, but I also disagree that these parts are over priced. When you look at the relative small number of cars produced it is amazing that parts are available at any price some 65 years later. The bumper over riders are available for the price of a few vente lattes..whatever they are..a discussion can be had on the quality of some repop items...but I am very glad these cars are supported as well as they are. Productions costs for low volume runs can be staggering. Regards, tom
tm peterson

Typo, I waited only 62 years. Discharged from the Army during the Korean War, I went to NYC auto show, fell in love with the TD but it cost a little over $1600.00. I didn't have $16.00 but I found a 1951 Singer which my bride and I used for the summer of '54, then the rear end went. Being married and raising children an MG wasn't in the books. I am now 85, I can afford the car, so I completed a part of my bucket list. In fact as I write my son and my grand-daughter are on the road for gas and a battery tender. Had to jump start it this morning.
ST Reale

ST: Go to this website and scroll down about 2/3 of the way. You will find a copy of the NY Autoshow brochure from 1950 that should bring back memories for you.
Christopher Couper

Ok,,, as Paul Harvey used to say,,, "And now you know the rest of the story"

I wish you good luck and happy miles with it!!

Steve Wincze

ST, Moss has frequent sales so if you are in no big hurry you can save. Also, some of the Moss "dealers" will give you a discount (someone else can chime in here I'm sure). As noted above, be careful with ebay stuff, as there have been many versions of the overriders made over the years so they may or may not fit. George
George Butz

Try Hugh Pite at jenntoo (at) Bud
Bud Krueger

I've purchased Moss spares at very good discounted prices and received excellent, personal service through LBCarCo. ( )
Kevin McLemore

If you go to the Moss site and bring up bumpers and over riders, click on the blue info button and read about Mosses over riders and how they have corrected flaws in previous ones in the past and also how they are chromed. $50.00 is a very fair price in todays market. As was said before, you could not get old ones chromed for that price. You have to forget what they cost ten, twenty or so years ago, those prices are gone forever. A bumper alone will cost about $400.00 to have chromed today and that's if they don't have to take out any defects. Buy the new ones and make the car look pretty! JMHO. PJ
Paul S Jennings

I agree. I have cars of many different marques in my collection, but of all of them the MG TD spares seem to be both the most available and the most inexpensive. For example, given the skyrocketing prices for Sunbeam Tigers, even a decent, correct optional cigarette lighter for my Sunbeam Alpine can cost upwards of $100... and don't even think about buying a clock - they now go for well over $300 if you can even find one.
Kevin McLemore

Correction... clocks now go for over $500 for a Sunbeam Alpine... see below. (Yikes!)

... and a couple of headlight rings will set you back $330:

...and a tail light lens is an outstanding $255:

Trust me, MG TD parts are a bargain!
Kevin McLemore

I second the LBCarCo. ( )!
Jeff is great to work with and 20% off on Moss prices.
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

X3 on LBC! Jeff & his family business is top shelf! PJ
Paul S Jennings

I think Jeff's discount is 15%, as Abingdon Spares'. Bud
Bud Krueger

Also recommend lbco...great service! Regards, tom
tm peterson

Ditto LBC. I haven't tried AS (I'm sure they7 are good) because with Jeff's service I haven't needed to.

J K Chapin

Abington spares is very good. Bobby is a pleasure to deal with. Regards, tp
tm peterson

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