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MG TD TF 1500 - 1953 TD with extra extras

See: e-Bay item: 360256354691 and scroll down to the lower set of photos, which have more detail.

It's a bit expensive but I thought you might be interested to see what it comes with, bearing in mind it's had the same owner since 1958 ....

I'm particularly intrigued by the leather bag slung underneath - could it be a golf club carrier. Surely not?


- Tom.
Tom Bennett

Looks to me like the springs are leather wrapped. Very common in the teens and 20's but unusal for something this new. Seats look like they came out of a Sprite. Whats with all the knobs in the glove box?
LaVerne Downey

Let's see: ejector seat, smoke, machine gun, nails, rear main seal oil spray, under-bonnet chrome dazzler - seems all there to me, Mr Bond!

I mean this as no insult, but I've never liked the looks of a TD with wire wheels, popular as I know they are. There's something about the fit of the wheel and tire in the fender, I think, but I can't put my finger on it.

TF's look great with wires - why?

t lange

"rear main seal oil spray" LMAO!
Good one!
Nice car.
David Sheward


My guess is they run all the lights in the front. Note the battery strength meter. Probably a big drain on the battery when you turn on all those lights.
Bruce Cunha

Interesting option "package". Added dual fuel pumps? Also added Andrex dampeners-front and rear - not an easy task. Small carbs and no hood bulge. I would like to see the chassis number on the dumbiron. Laverne-didja notice the rear fender stone guards on this one? Fun to look at;Dan
Dan Craig

Hadn't noticed that Dan. Aparently an owner with taste. What do you suppose the button on the left side of the glove box does? Ejection seat? Nice enough car but I think he's about two steps from creating one of those Phillipine dingle buggies.
LaVerne Downey

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