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MG TD TF 1500 - 1and 1/4 inch td carbs. need for my 53

have a pair of rebuilt 1 1/2 inch carbs after much checkinf on my td. were rebuilt by someone who knows how. i think they are too big. would like to buy or swapgor the smaller ones. these sre for a mga. thanks les

You sure they are MGA? What are the numbers. Someone correct me, but didn't the TDII use 1 1/2 carbs? If so, and these are what you have, I am sure there are a number of us that would be happy to purchase them off of you.
BEC Cunha

Hi, if your carbs have 4 holes on the face where the air cleaner manifold sits then you have TF or MGA carbs. If you have two holes on this face then you have a set of rare TD MK2 carbs. I have a set of 1 1/2" carbs for sale or trade.
Hugh Pite
Hugh Pite

See for Les' carbs.
Bud Krueger

Bud, thanks for that article. I have suspected for a long time that H4 carburettors do not give any improvement over the H2. Actually the late Don Jackson, author of booklet "Your SU companion" in 1994 and available from the Octagon Car Club, told me that he removed his 1 1/2 " carburettors from his TF, since they did not rise enough, and put 1 1/4 ". I took his word and never bothered, even though a few years ago I saw a beautiful TD oil filter and manifold for the MK II at the swap exchange in Pasadena organized by the SCVMC, for only a hundred bucks! Already sold.

Denis, TD with stage 2 and twin fuel pumps
Denis L Baggi

Bud, interesting article. I am pretty sure the casting number on the body of MK11 carbs is 4031. As I mentioned earlier they have only two holes on the outboard face which are used to bolt on the air cleaner manifold. The TF/MGA carbs have 4 holes 2 for air cleaner mounting and two for venting to the atmosphere for the suction chamber. The MK11 carbs have the vents under the the suction chamber. If the MK11 air cleaner manifold is bolted on the TF/MGA carbs it will partially (totally?) cover the vent holes.
The idea is to have the under side of the carb's piston at atmospheric pressure and the top side at engine vacuum, hence making the piston (and needle)rise in a precise manner. Perhaps that is why Les's engine is not running as it should.
Hugh Pite
Hugh Pite

If it is of any help, when the original tuning instructions were written, they were for the XPAG engine as fitted to the TB/TC, and the suggestion was to actually remove the springs above the dashpot pistons. This suggestion may not appear in later tuning instructions, and it is certainly true that the 1 1/2" carbs fitted to the TD Mark II still had springs fitted. I removed the springs from the 1 1/2" carbs fitted to my XPAG engine, and the dashpots definitely opened fully; however, the engine is bored to 1380cc. It is also worth noting that these springs are actually available in three strengths, indicated by a dab of paint at one end. Red = strong, blue = medium (standard fitting for 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" carbs), green = weak. I actually ended up with green springs in my 1 1/2" carbs (and they open almost fully) and normal 20/50 engine oil in the dashpots.
Roger Wilson

Original TD carburettors have no springs, those were added when the material of the piston was replaced with a cheaper and lighter one - from brass to aluminium if I am not mistaken.

Denis L Baggi

Are we discussing a TD Mark II, or a TD2?

Big difference.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

Gordon A. Clark

TD Mark II
gblawson - TD#27667


Did you ever get those 1 1/4" carbs you were looking for?

I have a set that I rebuilt at a John Twist clinic about three years ago, collecting dust on a shelf.

If you still need them, let me know and I'll get them down and ensure that they are still in "rebuilt" condition, and hopefully get some pics to you.

Jeff Brown

"Are we discussing a TD Mark II, or a TD2?"

I was discussing TD, period.
Denis L Baggi

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