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MG TD TF 1500 - 300 SL Gullwings....

Found them and uploaded to another site..... enjoy

gordon lawson TD 27667

Thanks for the link. Beautifull vehicles. Your statement about the SL's passing you reminded me of 1958 August when my buddy and I were heading to CA because there was a recession here in Detroit in my 1958 MGA. We were going to look for work. We slept in sleeping bags. To make a long story short we stopped at a hotel in Reno at about 5:A.M. to take a shower and get some food and we could not believe all the dressed up people gambling. So we drank some beers and watched and when we said we better get going we were soo trumped up I put the pedal to the metal and we roared out of town top down singing all the way doing about 85mph when I noticed some cars approaching in the fender mirror and was afraid it might be cops, no way man, it was a 300SL rdstr top down guy and chick just flying and a Corvette guy & chick in pursuit. They were going so fast that they made us feel like we were standing still. It's an experience and vision I will never forget till I'm gone.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

WOW!!! I would still be standing there...jaw to the ground...wondering how I died and ended up in the parking garage for heaven! Thanks for sharring that one.
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Greg... we have had a similar "its with us till we die" experience.
It was after an October "prom"... 4 of us driving along the Niagara River Parkway (one of the most beautiful little 2 lane twisty roads running along the Canadian side of the Niagara...from Lakes Erie to Ontario). Its quite cool, leaves are blowing around and it has rained a bit earlier. I'm driving a "Comet Caliente" (sp). In my rearview mirror i see two headlights, a driving light, and an amber foglight.... they are getting larger fast. On one of the straighter bits of road, the guy pulls out to pass.... it is a White Austin Healey with its windshield in the "low" position and two guys are hunkered down inside with dark hooded sweat shirts on, with the hoods up.... He passes me with that "only a Healy" sound .... a bit of mist on my windshield and leaves being blown off the road...... I can still see the image now!

David... I followed them around all weekend... called and emailed as many of my friends as i could and had a ball.... amazing when they were parked on Queen street, or you would hear one or three coming around a corner... whewwwww
gordon lawson TD 27667

Isn't that what they call in the auto enthusiast community "getting a Woodie" :)
Steve Hess

Saw a few on my way to Poland four years ago on the Autobahn near Berlin. Still have fond memories of that sight (and sound). However: people who have driven the cars say that the roadholding doesn't match the awesome power especially on the Gullwing coupe... For those who are interested: a classic car dealer in New York offers a roadster up for sale at $265,000.- which is "cheap" for us Europeans. Here they go for at least 245,000.- euros (appr. $318,000.-) But imagine how many "driveable" MG's you could buy for the same amount !!! I already have my list of "most wanted MG's" ready... Now: "Brother can you spare me a dime ??"
Na zdrowie, 8^)
Nick, 63 midget/52 TD.
D.G.J. Herwegh

Date February 1960.. Leaving Munich towards Garmisch in my Porsche 356A. It was approximately 5PM and as the road ice had melted during the afternoon it was now cooling rapidly down. Cruising at around 100K's I was passed by a gullwing doing at least 160K's. A couple of miles down the road in a long right hand curve the gullwing hit black ice and went straight off the road about 400 feet into a field. No apparent damage except to his pride. Two weeks later back at my AFB Marville I was offereds a 1955 gullwing for $2500.00. It was in good condition but I did not see it as a great deal at that time. Boy oh Boy is hindsight great. Remember that they sold for approximately $6500.00 new.
Sandy Sanders
conrad sanders

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