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MG TD TF 1500 - 3m Chip Protector Film

Has anyone tried 3M's Chip Protector Film? I was thinking of trying it under my fenders and running boards. It is supposed to last one year and can be pealed off. Any thoughts?

Bill Brown

I just spent about 3 hours cleaning under there this afternoon - something that works to shield the underside from dirt and grease would be worth its weight in gold - my knees and my back would love the difference in effort.

Bobby Galvez

More important by far, is something that will prevent rocks from being thrown up, denting the fender. I doubt that the chip protector will do the job - it needs to be a rather thick application of undercoating. I ignored the painter who told me to do that on our TD and I have several star dents on the fender where rocks have been thrown up by the wheels. The one pictured is about an inch in diameter and nearly a quarter of an inch high. Yes, it would be nice to have the under fender surfaces nice and clean, but I would settle for dent free. Cheers - Dave

David DuBois

In case it is at all in clear in Dave D's post... The star dent you are looking at is on top of the fender. It is a result of the rocks being flung out of the tread voids at such a velocity to dent the fender in the upward position cracking the paint on top. I could care less about how clean my underside genders are, but I sure would appreciate having the top sides looking nice.

Alex "drive em' don't hide em'" Waugh
Alex Waugh

You could spray the underside with stoneguard and then top coat it. That would leave a slightly rippled but glossy surface for the film to attach to.

Or perhaps there is a market for a liner as per the MGB one but to fit the T?
Chris at Octarine Services

I am still pondering whether to treat the undersides of the TFs wings with Gravitex stone chip. If it is applied properly e.g. small circular masks where washers fit and nice straight edges it can look good, especially when finished in body colour.

Jan T
J Targosz

The 3M chip guard was developed for the leading edge of helicopter rotors to prevent damage from sand/dirt in the air especially when landing/takeoff.
It was quickly adopted by Indy racers for the front wing on their cars and now used on many new cars. It works well to prevent chips and is easy to apply to smooth surfaces. It looks good, you can hardly find it. It is very expensive, in the $75-$100 per roll area, unless you know a 3M tape salesman.

cj schmit

Dave D; Their is a "clear"rockerguard product available here. Might be an option. I will try to remember to get the manufacturer, etc. next time I see it.

The chip protector.... is it a film that you apply, or is it the spray on coating? 3M makes both.
C.R. Tyrell

Napa stone guard. Cheap, works great.
efh Haskell

I applied the sprayon 3M defender protector to my Mazda RX 8 this year. It went on nicely and so far has not started to peel. It has held up and it is hard to tell it is on.

I was thinking of using it on the MGB next year. I could see that it might provide something that might make it easier to clean under the fenders. At $38 on amazon, it is worth a try. You can always peel it off.
Bruce Cunha

Thanks for the feedback Bruce

Bill Brown

The 3M product I have used is a 3 inch wide tape. Its good for leading edges.
cj schmit

I've been thinking the film might be good for painted T-series headlights. to prevent the hood corners from scraping the paint. This seems to happen inevitably with painted headlights no matter how careful one is.

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