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MG TD TF 1500 - 5,341 miles

I've had my TD on the road for several years now. This morning at 6:15 (on my way to work) I had to call the calvary (road side assistance).

I was just wondering what's the farthest anybody has driven their T before having to call for help...

My problem turned out to be a broken fork on my clutch link. Easy fix!
Terry McArthur - 52 TD


Managed to drive 30 miles thro town and commuter traffic with no clutch - when the clutch cable gave up - now replaced with rod linkage.

Graham (honorary Dave)
TD/C 7822
G.D. Smith

Maybe I'm just a wimp, but that gear-grinding sound is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard!
Terry McArthur - 52 TD

150 miles with no fuel pump (austin mini) and the fuel coming from an outboard motor and long fuel line out the passenger window!
gblawson - TD#27667

I've never had to call for help in a T-series. (knocks on wood)
Steve Simmons

If you match the rpms with the speed of the car and gear that you are attempting to engage, there shouldn't be any gear grinding. The shift lever should just slide in using only gentle pressure. Practice makes perfect!
Steve Wincze

Hey Steve,

CT isn't that far from ME. Why don't you bring your car up and I'll take it out and practice that clutch-less shifting!
Terry McArthur - 52 TD

I kind of tied up with our British By The Sea Gathering duties untill June 4th,, but after that we will be in Manchester Vt for the Hildene event,,will you be at either one ??


Steve Wincze

Hi Steve,
I belonged to the CT MG club back in the late 80's. Never made it to the BBTS. Is Mary Bronson still active in the club?
Terry McArthur - 52 TD

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