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MG TD TF 1500 - 5-way wire connectors needed

Getting down to the end of the TF reassembly, but still keep coming up with another part that I need.

I need two 5-way wire connectors for the TF front lights connections (photo), but hate to order from Moss for such a small order (I get killed for shipping).I'd be happy to pay if anyone has two of these they would like to sell.


Tyler Irwin

Tyler. If no one here answers your request, why not order them from Little British Car Co. (LBCC), get a discount over Moss price, and have them shipped cheaply by U.S. Mail. I always have my parts sent Priority Mail, but I believe you can have LBCC ship them cheap via First Class Mail. You use the Moss part # when ordering from LBCC as they are a Moss vendor. Of course if you already knew all this - never mind :-)
L Karpman

Moss also mails small packets by USPS at a lower rate.

T Norby

You can stick 5 single connectors together with super glue.

Jan T
J Targosz

Tyler - why not take two 4 way connectors and tape them together, make up a jumper to connect the two together, that leaves you with 6 ports to work with. You could just continue to stack 4 way connectors to continue connecting however many wires you need to connect together. Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

Tyler, is there an MG shop in your area? I always just call my local guy and he orders from Moss and gets free shipping.
Geoffrey M Baker

Darned if I can find a 5-point connection in the wiring diagram. Can anybody tell me where there is a need for a 5/6 contact connector? There are two 4's at the rear for ground and tail lights, but I can see a 5. Bud
Bud Krueger


I have two comments to make, first there seems to be confusion in the terminology on these connectors,
a single has 2 connections,
a double has 4 connections
a 5 way has 10 connections.

Second, you are right, the factory never used 5 way connectors, people have modified the wiring by cutting the 5 wires under the front wing. this makes them easier to remove and replace.

It may be that new looms have this modification incorporated.

J Scragg

John, I think you'll find that these connectors are all electrically common. The 4-way at the rear is used to power the 2 tail lights and the license plate light. The other 4-way provides the ground connection for these same lights. The 5 wires under the front wing would have different functions and would need to be isolated from each other. Bud
Bud Krueger

The 5 wires are coming from the headlight (2 blue and 1 black) and the parking lamp (1 green and 1 red). I assumed the 5 wires plugged into the same 5 wires on the harness (photo). Wouldn't a 5-way connector makes this more organized?


Tyler Irwin

They would indeed, Tyler, but these bullet connectors aren't designed that way. Bud
Bud Krueger

1. the wiring diagram does not show a connector between the turn signal lamp and the turn signal relay, but there is one, and
2. the diagram shows a black ground to body for the headlamp, but the ground from the headlamp pigtail has a bullet connector and actually returns to the harness before grounding to the body (against the engine side panel.

Unless I'm really misinterpreting something.
Tyler Irwin

My harness had a five way in the rear to join the two harnesses together. I have one in my spares, which I won't have access too until I return from Germany and move into our new house. Even then it will probably find me before I find it. ;)

The double and single and triple connectors are common and will allow the electricity to go to all the wires inserted. The five way connector is like five singles in a common housing. They are each independent.

Picture is from my website.


Dave Braun

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