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MG TD TF 1500 - 52 MGTD - height issues

Wondering if you folks have any suggestions. I bought a 52 MGTD and am a small female having "shorty" issues. I realize I probably need to block the seats so I can properly see over the windscreen, but not sure what I can do to reach the clutch. Can't move seat any further forward. Suggestions?
CS Coulter

Pedal extensions were available for these cars so I would think some supplier has them.
They would be fairly simple to make if you have access to a workshop.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

My wife (5'2") put's a pillow behind her when she drives the MGB. She's never driven the TF or the now gone TD.
MG LaVerne


Peddle extenders are offered from MOSS,,,
part # 406-760
Also from Abingdon Spares,,part # 13 062
Abingdon would probably be a better source,
If these are not long enough, use them as a guide to make longer ones.

Steve Wincze


You probably know that the steering wheel allows for fore and aft adjustment. Maybe part of the solution in combination with pedal extensions.


JL Nederhoed TD3966

CS - Glad to hear that there is another lady out there driving a TD. Our TD is my wife's car of choice whenever she goes anywhere - I have to lock the car in the garage when there is salt on the road so she doesn't take it out even then. She too, is short 5'3" I have put pedal extensions on the pedals and she still drives with a pillow behind her back. Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

My wife also uses a pillow for her TD. She is also 5'3" and I have added blocks to the pedals. My TF has better seat adjustment apparently and blocks are not needed in that car.
No salt issues here, but watch out for Wombats after dark!

M Magilton

Matthew, you forgot to mention the "drop bears". Scare the heck out of short folk....

Kev S TF 6288
K Simonsen

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