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MG TD TF 1500 - 52 TDC electrics


1 :-
When changing the polarity are the clock or fuel pumps affected.I know I need to change over the coil connections to maintain spark direction (
2 :-
why are the Ignition & Fuel warning lampholder resistance wound. This does not seem to be necessary on the TF. The reason I ask is because the windings are gone on one of them and I was wondering about doing without them.

Ray 54 TF 2884
Ray Lee

Ray -- You will find, I think, that the panel lights are too bright without the resistor wire. However if it is missing you can replace it's function with a 62 ohm 2 Watt resistor. That is a standard value and is available from electronics supply houses. It, of course, will not wrap around the housing as the wire did but a clever person can figure a way to mount it since it is out of sight.

Resistance wire is available from West Coast wire suppliers but the wire normally does not come with the insulation. That they will add but the cost is pretty serious.
Bob Jeffers

See for a bit more on the topic. Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

Ray - The original clock and fuel pump were not polarity sensitive. That said, either instrument may have been converted to include polarity sensitive components in them, such as the all electronic fuel pumps now available and someone in the past could have stuck a transistor into the clock (not a likely situation). The Hall effect circuit found in the all electronic fuel pumps (and the optical trigger that is used in the fuel pumps that I restore), will not be harmed by applying the incorrect polarity to them - they won't work with the wrong polarity, but they will not be harmed if they are connected incorrectly. The all electronic pumps come with a colored tape around them - red for positive ground and black for negative ground (unfortunately, black tape is also used on the points style pumps, which are not polarity sensitive). Pumps that I have restored and converted to an optical trigger (it is unlikely you will run into any of these on your side of the pond) will have a tag on them, stating the polarity. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

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