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MG TD TF 1500 - 53 TD radiator grill removal

I am looking at removing the grill to strip off the old paint and do it up right . I see that the head lamps must come off but I can not see what else is holding it on . Can it be removed without removing the radiator ? I hope .
A.L. Gerstle

There would be the radiator cap, plus some screws and nuts hidden under rubber strip that is woven in and out of the grill surround. The screws might go down so far that you would have to remove the fron center peice, which of course would require you to remove the front bumper... but I am not sure from memory.

Blair Weiss

You will have to remove the rad....4 easy bolts (supports and headlights) and two difficult ones (under the front crossmember)....then the hoses, then with the rad out, remove the bolts under the rubber strip.....
Then you can get at the bolts behind the shell holding the grille slats in.....

(mine is sitting in my living room....)
gordon lawson TD 27667

You do not have to remove the radiator. First take out the two large bolts that attach the headlight bar to the radiator core brackets. Then on each side take out the two 3/16W bolts that hold the small headlight brackets to the radiator frame. Remove the radiator cap amd the 4 bolts on each side of the chromed portion. Those screws are hiding behind the lacing. Support the bonnet well so that it does not fall down on the radiator header tank. Then lift the chrome shell high enough to clear the filler neck and pull slowly forward. This should be all. Then carefully remove the clips or nuts that affix the grill slats to the shell. THATS ALL FOLKS. Careful or you will pull off some of the studs. They can be re-soldered on without hurting the chrome. I have done it many times.
Sandy Sanders
Hudson Florida
conrad sanders

Sorry about that... had to take my rad out and it seemed pretty locked in...
Now if i ever paint the slats i can remove just the shell.....
gordon lawson TD 27667

It is even easier if you remove the front splash apron and the entire bonnet.
George Butz

I took out the bolts/screws on the apron, but couldn't slide it out...looked like i needed to remove the bumper and i figured at that rate i would have the whole car apart and the rad shell still sitting there...thats when i just pulled the rad.
gordon lawson TD 27667

As written above, I have removed the radiator shell without removing anything else, neither the radiator, nor any apron, bumper and the like. This allows minor maintainance of the radiator without undoing much.

Just the screws under the rubber strip (which are metric) and those holding the small headlight brackets.

Denis L. Baggi

Don't paint the slats - get them powder coated - well well worth it

Jan T
J Targosz

I agree with Denis and Conrad, because that's what I did this summer so I could straighten my slats and paint them interior color (bisquit). I had to resolder two studs. Just be sensative when retightening the slat nuts so as to not break loose the solder joints. I converted my bonnet fastenings at the cowl to 'T'nuts from inside the car so that removing the hold down bracket is a simple task and removing the bonnet is a simple task. In fact I always remove the bonnet when working in the engine compt.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

Thanks guys ,,I guess it pays to ask
A.L. Gerstle

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