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MG TD TF 1500 - 53 TD starter replacement

I'm trying to bring back my TD to as an original condition as possible. The PO has replaced the original Lucas starter with an aftermarket unit that doesn't even have a make on it. It apparently worked when he drove it 18 years ago so that is not the issue. The mission that I am on is to find a starter made during Feb, March, April, May, or June of 1953. Does anyone have a clue as to where I might start on this task?
My car won't be on the road for at least 6-8 months so I have some amount of time. It appears as though the original service number should be 25022 and the model is M35G.

Mark Strang

Hi Mark,

Just bear in mind when looking for a new unit or looking at the one you now have, not all Lucas starters/Dynamos had their name on! Look for the trademark 'steering wheel' emblem etc - Archives have more info on this aspect.

Also dates, when present, can be varying months before the car build - 6-9 months being quite common. As long as you get the right model, and it's before your car's build date I wouldn't personally worry!

Good luck, John.
J C Mitchell

Try Abindgon Spares, O'Connor Classics, or University Motors. They are often on ebay as well. George
George Butz

Mark - e-mail me at I have a couple of overhauled starters on my shelf. I don't know what the production date is on them, but will look for you. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Same here. Always keep a couple of spares. Will check dates. Others are correct. A 52 could be original. It was also not unusual to take your motor in for a rebuild and they put a different case back. I always ask that they use the original case.

May want to stop by your local rebuild shop. An older shop may have cases lying around.

I believe motors up through the 67 MGB had the same case.

Mark; I do have an extra TD starter dated 1/53 if that would help. Took me a year to find correct one for my car-doesn't start any better or even look prettier; but it was an entertaining hunt. Dan
Dan Craig

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