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MG TD TF 1500 - 7 1/4' Bell Housing Part Number

After years of clutch problems I have decided I am going to pull the gearbox and bell housing in the spring. I am convinced that I am running a 7 1/4" clutch with a later 8" bell housing (it has the 3/4" shaft)and this is playing a role in my problems.
I want to replace the bell housing, and I happen to have a spare one in a box that has the earlier 5/8" shaft. The problem is that the spare bell housing has a part number that does not match the ones listed in an archived post:

TC - SA2414
TD 7" - SA2239/3
late TD/TF 8" - SA2239/4 casting nbr 168022

My bell housing has the following stamped on it: PBM (within a hexagon) and 22826 under that.

Does anyone have an early bell housing out where they can search for these numbers for me? If not from a TD what is it from? Will it fit?

Thanks a bunch. Tim 53TD...with earlier engine.
Tim Mayor

Hello again. I just looked in my workshop manual and it says the older (7 1/4") housing number is MG.900/14, and newer (8") is SA.2239/4. So now I have at least two different numbers for the 7 1/4". Maybe the one on my housing is a casting number? Could they have used several different housings on early TD's? The mystery continues. Tim
Tim Mayor


I just went into my shed to look at my spare 8" clutch housing, and it bears a casting nbr.
168022 if that's of any help.

According to my (original) MG midget (Series TF) Service Parts List, the OEM part nbr. is SA2239/4 for the 8" clutch housing.

Sorry I can't help you with other parts numbers. Sold my old 7" stuff years ago.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu.
Gordon A. Clark

The search is over!
Many thanks to Mark in Ottawa who confirmed that his early TD bell housing has the number 22826 on it. Tim
Tim Mayor

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