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MG TD TF 1500 - A picture puzzle

I snapped this shot of my instruments midway between Iron Mountain and Escanaba Michigan on our way to the GOF Central. A hard copy of my guide on tuning SU Carburetors to the first person who correctly figures out the reason I took the photo.


Dave Braun

Simple, Dave

Your date of birth 15 Apr 1970; no, this is the flattey line to ensure favouritism in case of a draw.

More likely your wedding using wedding cars sevenoaks day.

Ian Bowers

It's too simple Dave,
The mileage is the chassis number of your beautiful MG TD.
At 70 miles an hour!
J. van den Akker

Well, I'm guessing you wanted to know if your 5 speed tranny , (or lower ratio rear end), was really saving you some RPM's...
Seems as if , at 70MPH+, you would be at about 4800 RPM, with a standard gear box and rear axle.
E.B. Wesson

How about ? Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

Interesting Answer, Ian, but wrong. I'm far too young to have been married in '70 and far to old to have been born in that year.

The 4.3:1 Rear Axle ratio does wonders. Interestingly, both my speedometer and my tachometer are off in the same direction... I'm probably going about 68 mph and turning about 4200 in the picture. It does make me feel fast, and gives me cushion against the dreaded 4400 RPM harmonic. However, Edward, as enlighten as your answer is, it is wrong.

J. van den Akker nailed it and was quite poetic as well. The 70 mph was to get all the numbers in the photo. Congratulations!

Bud, you have also hit the answer, since I'm going to assume that you didn't copy off Mr. van den Akker's paper, you're a winner too.

In fact, every one who played can send their mailing address to me at dave @ dbraun99 . com (remove the spaces) and I would be pleased to send you a hard copy of my short tome on setting carburetors.


Dave Braun

Dave, who was holding the steering wheel and keeping the car on the road at 70 MPH whilst you were concentrating on taking the picture. You know, we man can do only one thing at the time.....greetings, Huib
Huib Bruijstens

Darn missed this one, (not that I would have gotten it right) but I would love to read your "tuning SU Carburetors" paper.
Is there another way to aquire it?
David Sheward

Huib, I shot the photo at 70 mph. Using a digital camera is not a whole lot different than a heads up display! In the mile I shot four different shots, or one about every 20 seconds to get the views I liked.

David, go to my website at as I've decided to post it there. It will open in a new window. I would hope that anyone wanting to link to it or other wise use it will ask permission, as it is copyrighted.

Dave Braun

Nicely done sir!
Thank you.
David Sheward

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