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MG TD TF 1500 - A very nice car on Ebay

I was looking over ebay, and noticed a very nice car, with a reasonable starting bid. Our own contributor, Dick Thomas (as he previously mentioned in another post) has elected to put his TD up for sale. Here is the link:

Very original looking with the exception of the "magically refinished walnut dash and steering wheel."

No interest, etc.

Dave Braun

Very nice presentation.

One of the nicest TDs I have seen in a long time. Someone will get a real prize. Best of selling luck to Dick.
Jim Merz

Gentlemen, THANKS!.
As you can imagine it's a really great time to sell a MG! Dave, I am crushed that you don't like my dash. Consider it a sign of old age and give me a break.

Dick Thomas
Wooster, Ohio

Dick Thomas


Actually, I liked your dash. I was simply referencing your description of it!

Dave Braun

Sorry to see your TD up for sale ...was hopping we could park together sometime.(Think the "girls" would look cute side by side!)
If I had the money I would bid on it ...but not in the be$t of $hape right now financially speaking.
Hope you find someone that will give the old girl the same treatment she has had whilst in your care. (I know that will mean a lot to you)
David 55 TF1500 #7427
PS If you do sell and get the "urge" to "T" again ..maybe we can get together for a TF ride.
David Sheward

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