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MG TD TF 1500 - Abingdon Spares LLC MOVING

It has just come to my attention, that Abingdon Spares LLC has been sold and is moving to Connecticut.

From what little I know, the move is taking place immediately and the last day for doing biz with Walpole NH, is Thursday. Thereafter, they will be closed for 2 weeks whilst in transition.

I understand that Bob Seymour is keeping the charming, Tudor-styled building for another business and even some of the staff may be staying too.

I don't know exactly where they're moving to, nor do I know the buyer, But I expect it will all come out in due course.

No more nice drives through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. At 82, Connecticut is just too far for me for a down-and-back run in the TF on a nice sunny day.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

Are you talking about the white barn with black highlites or the house in downtown Walpole.
The last time I was there all the cars were in the barn and parts inventory was down town.

D. Sander

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the new owners will carry on with the same charm.
MG LaVerne


The "barn" you refer to was a built-to-purpose Tudor-style building, built by the late Gerry Goguen, specifically to trade uniquely in MG T-Series parts.

Sadly, this is some sort of an end of an era.

Gerry was a dedicated MG owner and one of his projects was to build the MG Museum across the Connecticut River in Windsor Vermont. He had absolutely every model there including a K3, J3, WA, an R-type and a few other low-production MGs.

His museum rivaled only that of (the late) Max Beer.

When Gerry died, Doris, his wife tried to run the business but that dragged, The museum was closed and the cars sold off. Now the biz is moving. I called ASL today and got confirmation.

We can only hope that whoever takes over from Bob Seymour, is just as dedicated and patient, as our market is highly specialized and can be quite fickle.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

Hope you are right Gord. My frustration level with bad parts is really high right now. We need another good vendor who will do their own quality control and hold the vendors to making parts correctly.
Bruce TD4139 Cunha

I completely agree Bruce. I hope this does not mean dark days ahead... Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

I can bring the parts you need to a GOF. but that is only (maybe) twice a year!!

Steve Wincze

From Bobbie, this morning:****
Bob sold the business and from what I understand the new owners will be keeping the toll free telephone number so you will be able to call for parts. They may not be set-up for two weeks.

I do not know where in CT.
This is what the Walpole building looks like:

Tomorrow might be a good day to check out the new pertronix LS unit with a 300 mile run. Hmmm? Bud

Bud Krueger

CT....hope it wasn't sold to Sports and Classics. They went to straight fleebay several years ago...not good.
MG LaVerne

New address is on the website:

900 Industrial Park Rd Unit 7 Deep River, CT 06417
Gene Gillam

I hope it is someone that is keeping the business active and going, rather than liquidating the stock. I started to deal with Abingdon in the mid-70s when in high school. It was always so nice to have an actual live and friendly human answer the phone. 20 minutes from Wayne Carini's place according to Google Maps.
George Butz

So, it's about 15 miles up CT 9 from I95 by Old Lyme. It's closer for me than Walpole. I was afraid that it was one of Bob Seymour's friends in the hay fields of Western CT. Should be ripe for Steve Wincze. Steve, can you get them to do a display at BBTS? Bud
Bud Krueger

I was waiting for some contact info,,, Now I will definatly go after them as a NEW vendor,,
A few of our local members are just "itchin"" for a reason to go out for a drive, and today the weather is lookin' jus' fine for that purpose !!

Steve Wincze

I came awfully close to heading to Walpole this morning, but I have to be back here by mid-afternoon and it's a bit over 6 hours driving time round trip. I settled on sending some flowers to Bobbie, Kathy and Chris. They've been great over all these years. It's been a pleasure to deal with someone who knew the cars inside and out. They'll be sorely missed. Bud
Bud Krueger

I e-mailed Mary of AS this morning, their reply said that they will definatly be at British By The Sea !!!!

Steve Wincze

Sorry to say, but it's true. As of Thursday ASL in Walpole will be closed. We wish nothing but the best to the new owners and hope that they will provide the kind of exceptional service that our faithful customers have grown accustomed to. We have enjoyed getting to know you, helping with your restorations and keeping your cars on the road.

Between the three of us we have 75 years of experience in this business and it will be hard to say goodbye.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support throughout the years. We will miss you ALL !

Chris & Kathy & Bobbie

Abingdon Spares

Tom Lange, AS used to have some Arnolt used spares, may be a good time to check and make sure they don't get scrapped as part of this move.
Terry Sanders

Received the following from Mary at Abingdon Spares today:

Hi Gene,

Good to hear from you. Abingdon Spares is in the process of restructuring and we are moving this week. Please be patient as we get organized.

We will have the same stock and catalog for the most part. We hope to add items and also to make them available direct from our website. We will probably post over-stocked items on eBay.

Also, we plan to post a message on the website soon introducing ourselves.

Thanks for taking the time to drop us a note.

Warm Regards,

Mary & Martin Cooke
Abingdon Spares
Deep River, CT
Gene Gillam

Mary and Martin

Best wishes with your "new" business. I look forward to buying from you!

'54 TF
T Norby

All I have to say is that it is wonderful that ASL didn't just shutter their doors and close. There are few resources for our T cars and to have one live on with a new owner is a great hope to the hobby. With out places like ASL and others, I couldn't be comfortable just hopping in the seat with my lady for an evening ice cream run (as I did this evening). Thanks for taking on the labor of love that is running such a business! We are all pleased you did.

Alex Waugh

For those of you who don't know Martin Cooke, and that includes me, I found a little info on him on the MG Experience web-site.,2969112

His MGs include a TC, a '58 Magnette and a Chrome-Bumper MGB. Seems he comes from Higganum, which is just across the Connecticut River where my folks come from (East Hampton), and where I occasionally go. Has all the makings of being well-qualified.

... will be interesting to see where he takes the biz.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

Martin and his brother had a display at British By The Sea yesterday. Had a chance to chat with them. They are real T-series owners and aficionados. They're still locating some of the stuff that came with the sale. They expressed their intent to continue to be source of good quality parts and will be sticking with the Walpole sources. ONE BIG item that they hinted at was work on an actual e-commerce site like the 'other guys' have. We just need to give them a bit of time to get up to speed. BTW, they were giving out ($7) catalogs.

Bud Krueger

They had a display at the GOF in Saratoga on Friday and Saturday night. They seam like good folks. I strongly encouraged them to have a presence at our GOFs. They said they would try.
So far, so good....
D. Sander

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