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MG TD TF 1500 - Additional hole on TF chassis. Why?

When I was re attaching me rear shocks on the TF I noticed an additional hole in the chassis behind the shock. Does anyone know what this is for. See Pic. Thanks

D Lamb

Possible for shock mounting on another car, which the same chassis was used on?? OR, another type shock?? PJ
Paul S Jennings

Does your car also have the same hole Paul. I doubt this has been added since it left the factory. I would be interested to know what shock would fit using this hole as a mount.
D Lamb

I'll look at mine this morning and see if it's the same. I'll get back a little later. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Thanks Paul
D Lamb

OK, I looked at mine and three holes are there. They are in line with one another. My Armstrong shocks mount using the two outside holes, leaving the unused one in the center. I would only be guessing what it was for. Hope this helps. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Cheers Paul same as mine so standard on the chassis. It would be interesting to know though.
D Lamb

Anyone know what this hole is for?
D Lamb

I'll take a shot here and suggest its a hold over for the Girling shock. Different bolt spacing than the Armstrong?

MG LaVerne

Steve Wincze

Be my guess

MG LaVerne

Cheers LaVerne sounds correct to me. We're the Girling shocks on early TDs
D Lamb

Changed over in mid 52... I'd guess that we wouldn't find 3 holes on earlier TD's but you never know.
MG LaVerne

I was just about to post this question. My early 1950 with girling shocks has the three holes also.

In looking at Chris Coopers original MG pictures, I see that the hole is empty. Picture 113

Any other thoughts on why they had this hole throughout both the TD and the TF? Seems odd they would spend the money to drill an extra hole.

Bruce Cunha

The early TD I have been working on also has the additional hole Bruce. The only logic without a direct reason from the designers suggests that perhaps the chassis was designed to use either the Girling or the Armstrong.
L E D LaVerne

It obviously was meant for something. Interesting it lasted throughout the entire TD/TF production.
Bruce Cunha

Since the Armstrong’s weren’t offered on the TD until ‘52 I find it odd that the frame was pre drilled for a shock that wasn’t offered. Was the style of Armstrong damper used on later TDs and all TFs in production prior to ‘52?

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

Girlings holes have 2 1/2 inch spacing, Armstrongs are 4 Inch, inter holes for Girlings, outer for Armstrongs.
PJ Jennings

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