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MG TD TF 1500 - Air filters for 1-1/4' SU

My TD came without the original air manifold and air filter, and in view of the high price of those items, I will temporarily accept some lack of originality and install two independent chrome filters.

Presently, there is a pair of such filters in ebay, but they are described as fitting in 1-1/2 SUs.

My questions to those with the required knowledge:

Are the chrome filters advertised for 1-1/2 SUs adaptable to 1-1/4 SUs (like TDs H2)? Is the distance between bolts the same on H4s and H2s? Is there enough space in the engine bay for those filters?

Thanks in advance.

J. Benajes


The holes for the 11/2" carbs will not line up with the 11/4" ones as the flange is a different width,
although you may be able to turn them to a different position and re drill them. In answer to your other question there is ample room to fit the pancake type filters on a TD, I actually have them on mine ,also my previous TD had them fitted.
H.E.W. Walker


I have a set of "pancake" air cleaners for the 1 1/4 TD. They are old and have a kind of course steel wool inside. They are steel and currently stripped and shiney (not chrome). Happy to sent these to you if you want to cover the shipping. I will see if I can send you some pictures.

They are what was on my TD for many years until I was able to find a manifold and air cleaner.
Bruce Cunha


I am using the Stellings & Hellings type "pancake" filters, chrome dishes. They look good, and were a period accessory. I got them from Moss Motors for 1 1/4" SUs. They use a foam filter inside, though I was able to find a replaceable paper filter here in the States that fits.

Larry Thompson

I also am using the Stellings & Hellings type "pancake" filters, chrome dishes. For the life of me can't find the "box" for the #...but I found a K&N filter at Jeggs that "cut in half" is a perfect fit for these. Been very happy with the results.
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

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