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MG TD TF 1500 - air pressure

The mgtf owners manual suggests a tire pressure of 18psi but that was obviously for bias ply tires. I thought I would start a poll to see what tire pressure is most often used or recommended for "more modern" radial tire substitutes.
bew wright

32 psi

34 to 38 when fully loaded for a trip. Running 165R15 radials.

Dave Braun

35 psi for 185R16
Dave Jorgensen

I am at odds with a lot of members concerning tire pressures. I am running 165 R 15 SP 20 Dunlop radials on my TD. I normally carry 22/23 psi front and 20 psi rear for normal driving around town. If on a trip and carrying extra weight, I would add 2/3 psi front and rear. I have found these pressures suit the suspension system and do not transfer a lot vibration from the road into the car. It has been 14 years since the restoration was completed, and the car is still as solid as the day it rolled out of the garage. It is my feeling that the softer tires are the reason. Racing and high speed events are another story.

George Raham [TD4224]

From the archives...I've used these tire pressures and have had good luck...

Bud Krueger, Massachusetts, USA,
Here's the advice that I received from Lawrie Alexander, and that I follow:

I've always found that, with bias ply tires of the original size, 22lbs in
front and 24lbs in the rear gave the best combination of wear, handling and
ride. With radial tires of the size you are using, I recommend 24lbs in
front, 26lbs in the rear for general use. Add 4 lbs at each end if you are
going on a long, fast drive, and increase the differential from front to
rear to 4lbs if you are carrying a suitcase on a luggage rack (esp. the
low-mount rack.)

I, too, use the Dunlop SP20's, 165R15.
Bob Dougherty

With Michelin XZX radials, I have always felt the car drove the best about 32. Really crispy handling like that, and I do drive it pretty hard. In the low 20s my TD would handle like a walloring pig.
George Butz

And, I'll be following Lawrie's recommendations for the trip to Mystic tomorrow. (28F/30R) Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

I own a 1953 MG TD, is there any tire I can buy in a regular tire store that would fit my car?

Thanks for your help.
BK Kellison

I roll with pressure in the mid 20's on my Kuhmo radials. (Mr. Kellison, this is a brand that is readily available in 165/15 size).
In the 70's my uncle had a Michellin store, in the new days of radials. He gave bumper stickers to his customers that said "My tires aren't flat, they're Michellins".
Since then, I have run all my radials below 30 psi.

'54 TF
Tom Norby

BK, I have been running Hankook tires. I've been quite happy with them. I ran my old Dunlop SP-20s at 25 psi and they squeeled around turns and wore very unevenly. I run the new tires (same size) at the same pressure and they are fine. Great adhesian, no squeal, and very smooth. The old tires were 17 years old and the compound was probably as hard as a rock!
I had experimented with pressures way back when I started to drive the car and when I ran 30+ psi, I felt every grain of sand in the road.
Steven Tobias

Steve, the Kumhos replaced a set of SP-20s that I bought about the time that you bought yours. Ran them at the same 24F/26R. So far the Kumhos ssem fine. Tomorrow will be first longish highway trip on them. Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

Bud, I love the tires, but I have had my right rear slowly go flat twice. The first time, my tire guy found a tiny pinhole in my new tube. He said that he found no reason for it; he felt that it was a defect. Now I have to have him break it down again...Needless to say that I am going to look alot further. I hope that it isn't a tiny strand of steel belt poking inward! Or that a pc of the rubber on the bead was ripped off by his machine. If so, I might try running tubeless. I've always been reluctant, but so many of my fellow BBSers endorse it. My wheels are powder coated inside and out, so they should be pretty tight.
I wonder what everyone's thoughts would be.
Steven Tobias

Steve, I had mine installed tubeless. In 2004, on my trip to Cleveland, I came back to Lazarus after taking a short break and discovered a flat SP-20. Replaced it with my spare that came with the car --- lots of tread, but 20 years old. Tried to get the SP-20 fixed, but couldn't find a garage that would repair a tubed tire. When I got to Cleveland I found a dealer with a generic 165R15 radial and had it mounted tubeless. Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

Mounted mine tubeless at the suggestion of my tire guy after he looked at the rims...keep 32/34 thereabouts in them and have never had to add air (6 years).....
Any shop that has a tire for a VW Beetle will have them for the TD...(same tire)....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

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