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MG parts spares and accessories are available for MG T Series (TA, MG TB, MG TC, MG TD, MG TF), Magnette, MGA, Twin cam, MGB, MGBGT, MGC, MGC GT, MG Midget, Sprite and other MG models from British car spares company LBCarCo.

MG TD TF 1500 - Alternates to Moss?

Obviously Moss Motors is the difinitive source for MG replacement parts. Does anyone have any experience with other sources (good or bad)? I noticed that both Abingdon Spares and LBC have fairly complete lists of replacement parts as well, sometimes at lower prices. Is the quality and customer service on par? What about other sources?

Thanks in advance,

R Zatrepalek

I have had excellent service from both Brown and Gammons and NTG Services.

Jan T
J Targosz


Start doing business with the "Little British Car Company"... They are a "re-seller" of Moss products at a discounted price... I just bought over $3,000 worth of engine parts from LBC and saved over $250 compared to Moss prices... You get the same parts as shown in the Moss catalog, and all warranty issues, etc. apply... You can place your order online and they are also very good at responding to e-mail questions... LBC is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, so it is very convenient for me to go down and pick up my orders, and of course save the shipping costs... :-)

Safety Fast,

Rod Macleod - '55 TF 1500 ("Molly")
Rod Macleod

All sometimes use the same supplier for parts. At various times, one or the other has had better quality, or may be out of stock and you have no choice. Abingdon has many recondtioned items (gagues, used parts- blocks, cyl. heads, etc.), and all of the tiny things needed to rebuild a distibutor or fuel pump. A few years ago they had more British items (real Lucas rims, gaskets, etc.) while Moss had some truly gastly Taiwan repros. Abingdon was the only place for 20over 1500pistons, but Moss had the cranks. You may want to post or ask around for someone who has recently purchases a particular part. Also, periodic sales may come into play. Customer service and advice has been excellent from both over the years. We are extremely lucky to be supported by Moss and Abingdon, who have scoured the countryside for parts, and reproduced virtually all for our cars. Try finding a fender emblem, rear marker lite lense, any interior panels, or a ton of other stuff for a 280Z- only a 26 year old car- it is all unobtainable. George
George Butz


In the past two years, I have ordered many, many, many, many..... oops, sorry, parts from Moss, LBCarCo, and Abingdon Spares for the TC and TF. Being on the east coast (USA), if I need a part quickly, I will usualy get it overnight via UPS ground from Moss's New Jersey warehouse. Otherwise, I shop at LBCarCo or Abingdon Spares. LBCarCo's prices are about 15% less than Moss's, but the shipping times are about a week longer. Abingdon Spares has had some pretty obscure parts that just weren't available from Moss. One thing I know for sure, for customer service, Jeff Zorn at LBCarCo is the absolute best.

Greg Van Hook

"One thing I know for sure, for customer service, Jeff Zorn at LBCarCo is the absolute best."
I absolutly concure with this statement!
Jeff is second to none with his service and I have said so on many occasions on this BBS.
He is also one heck of a nice guy if you meet him at any of the shows he attends.
I am not throughly convenced that there is not a "team" of "Jeff clones" out there as I don't know how one guy can stay on top of all the things he does!
David 55 TF1500 #7427

David Sheward

A couple of other Moss distributors that are worth doing business are
and Both are good people to do business with on the west coast and Skip Kelsey of Shadetree Motors ships free on orders over $100.
Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Lets not be too quick to trash Moss or other parts suppliers. If it were not for them we would not be able to enjoy this hobby. Many times people will look at my TD and say "I bet parts are hard to come by". In return I say that parts for this car are more readily available than any you see on the street or parking lot. Granted, many parts are not that good, but usually only a little tweeking will remedy the problem. Remember also the the body parts are not transferable from one car to another withsome adjusting. I most always use our local parts store for british parts. They give our registery a discount and NEVER charge shipping unless it is for over night or other than the regular shipping. I have done business some with all but Moss goes out of their way to support our hobby and our outtings. They spend a large amount of money each year sending gifts and other for our outtings. To me this is enough not to berate them. Often times parts are available from other places better. I have no problem with this. But I am a Moss fan from the word go. Atlanta Import parts is our local supplier.

Ellis Carlton

I've done business with Little British Car and Shadetree Motors. Both bend over backwards to provide excellent service and sell at about a 15% discount from the prices listed in the Moss catalog. Both have immediately corrected problems with orders.

Also, Shadetree often has parts that are not available from Moss; e.g., intake manifold and air cleaner for the TD and reconditioned speedometer and tachometer.

RF Wacht

Thank you all for your responses. So it looks like there are a couple of choices for parts supply. The major obsticle now is the cost of shipping to Canada.

Any comments on the best sources for reconditioning / restoring instruments?


R Zatrepalek

Give Skip Kelsey at Shadetree Motors a call. He has a source and may allow some credit on yours for the reconditioned instruments.
RF Wacht

Try Angloparts, probably the best sourse for quality parts, no "Made in China" stickers.
Robert Dougherty

if you don't know already; be prepared to pay the additional charges put on by Canada revenue and Customs. If you go the broker route, they hit you as well. That's Canada!
Just alerting you.
k a lewis

Ron, any idea how I can get one of the catalogs from Anglo parts?
Carl W French

Has anyone noticed that some of the prices on the on line auction are greater than those from the various suppliers mentioned above

Jan T

Anglo Parts is a great place to do business with.They have many hard to find parts/items in stock.The only warning I have is to check on shipping costs.The parts I ordered were shipped UPS express which turned out to cost more than the parts total.They did arrive in a couple days.You might want to check if they offer a cheaper way to ship.Good Luck,Tony

Try the email address for Angloparts.
Robert Dougherty

Anglo is fine if they send the right part. If you ever need to return anything or need questions answered, forget it. I never recieved any answer from three letters. All of this was pre email and internet days for me. I had them send a generic feeler gauge set when I ordered the original TD kit type. They came with a $25 UPS shipping bill and I could have bought each one locally for about $5. Wouldn't do business with them unless that's the only place I could find a DESPERIATELY needed item. I also had them send an item UPS (EXPENSIVE!!) when it was light enough to have gone straight letter post.

Try George at Classic restorations in Lucas Texas He is a Moss dealer but has good discounts and free shipping if you order enough. I have had very good results with George and he has been very good about returns and such.
Thomas Maine

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