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MG TD TF 1500 - Alternative rear shocks

I have been offered a set of unused MGB rear shocks. Can these be fitted to a TF. If it is just the valves that are different can they be swopped over?


Jan T
J Targosz

Jan, Peter Caldwell from World Wide Auto could tell you. He rebuilds them all the time. I gave a ton of MGB stuff away last Summer with a bunch of shocks, so I have nothing now to compare one to. They have a web site at,
Paul S Jennings

The MGB shock absorbers have arrived and they appear to be virtually identical to the ones from the TF. The only difference is the resistance when the arms are moved. The TF ones are very stiff but the Bs are simply firm. I wonder if the ones from the B will give a smoother ride. If anyone is interested I will take photos before I fit a pair to the car. The links that connect between the shocks and axle differ between the TF and B. The ones from the B are longer and the threaded bosses exit at the same side. It's a pity since they are cheap.

Jan T
J Targosz

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