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MG TD TF 1500 - Alternative to 443-070 anti- rattle spring

I have that buzz in the gear stick enjoyed by many.

I wanted to tackle it and having read the archives will start with checking the timing...

But given I haven't the expertise to really spot the wear necessiting replacing some of the commonly mentioned parts such as the anti- rattle spring I was going to do the lot - when I have got the thing open why not...

But I was put off by the price ($35- $40 ) of this part - is there an alternative ?

I have searched and it is a common part to lots of MGs from the B to the Magnette...surely there must be an alternative?

Or can I just stretch the spring/ put in a packing washer or two to see how that works ?

Dave Moore

have you checked you local hardware parts shop? regards, tom
tom peterson

Well no...but I was thinking there may be a particular strength of spring + to be honest I am not sure there are any proper hardware parts shops left...


Dave Moore

Dave, you should be able to pull a little on the spring and stretch it. Unless the end is worn away, which is seldom, or the spring is too rusty to use, it should do the job.
There are a couple of other things that contribute possible more than that spring, which may not overcome all the rattling by just compressing it more.

There is another spring, and ball bearing, which go onto the end of the lever actuating shaft that compresses the lower ball of the shift lever. This ball is often worn flat, and the springs are sometimes worn on the ends, or broken. I would also check, or replace these. They are very affordable.

Also the lower ball on the end of the gearshift can be worn if it has operated in a dry, or rusty condition for a long time.

Dallas Congleton

Go here and get all of the springs for that end of the remote unit for a lot less than the high price of the single anti-rattle spring elsewhere:

The anti-rattle spring is part number 129 on that page. A few pennies over three bucks for it.

Have purchased a number of things from them in the past couple of months and they're very prompt.

Bobby Galvez

Hi Dave,

If you go into Archives lots of suggestions, involving new anti rattle springs and/or pads, new bushings for remote cover (non originally!}, new spring for gear lever ball, Morris Minor type grooving of ball + O ring.

I've done the first two, and in a year or two the buzz comes back ! The M Minor adaption sounds good, and presumably was done by the factory, to reduce the buzz on a very popular saloon car of the 50s/60s.

Whatever you do don't mess with the timing to reduce the buzz. There's enough of a problem advancing the WSM timing to reduce overheating etc, without the additional problems of retarding ignition to reduce a buzz !

Some of us just get used to the buzz, and don't hear it after a while !

Hope this helps,

J C Mitchell

Try this to help quiet down the shift lever. Get a boot from the bellows type TD/TF master cylinder boot. Take off the knob and nut and slip it down over the shift lever. Stretch it a bit at the bottom to fit over the housing and secure with a tyrap. Gives a nice finished look, keeps the junk out of the shiftmechanism and helps a bit with the rattle. You would think it was made for this application!

51 TD 8923
F Filangeri

I couldn't find my own post on this!
(From a few months ago.)
Pics on there of the new spring side by side with the old one. (Quite one is "flat", old one was "round"...bag it came in said "MGB")

Recently replaced mine and discovered the spring, and ball bearing, which go onto the end of the lever actuating shaft were missing from mine. Replaced the bushing at the top also. (near the filler).
Drained the tranny and refilled with Redline MT90.

Made a big differance in mine but still get an occasional "buzz" , a slight "touch" gets rid of it now.
IMHO: It was worth the effort.
David Sheward

Guys thanks for the pointers.

Abingdon are so much cheaper...

I decided to take out the springs etc to have a look...and found thatlike you Dave I had no ball and spring at the end of the actuating leaver.

So replacing that is the first thing on the list.

The rattle spring seemed tight and with plenty of 'spring' and no visible wear.

I'll replace what is missing to start and see how that works.

Thanks again

Dave Moore

Found it!:

You can see there was quite a differance in "height" of the new spring as well.
David Sheward

Well that didn't work ...I always have trouble finding things in the archives!

Try searching "Anti rattle spring (tranny)" 2012
David Sheward

I found it - mine looks like your original. I'll pull it again to check the spring length. There is still quite a lot of strength in the spring - tough enough to get the whole thing back together.

I am sure someone here knows for sure but the spring length and strength are not the same...mine ( and yours may still have been ok).

I didn't check the gear lever itself - since you suggest yours was worn - I guess at the ball on the bottom - I'll pull mine and check.

Thanks for all the pointers :-)

Dave Moore

60p of parts ( +4 P&P) and I have a car with not rattle !

I replaced the missing ball bearing and spring and bobs your uncle - it worked.

Wow. I am still suprised when something so simple to fix actually does the job.

I also installed a QuiteRide sound proofing kit while I was at it.Not so cheap and a lot longer to do but also worth it.

Now the loudest annoying noise I have is the tachometer cable rattling faintly in its housing ever now and then. Yes I can actually hear it now all the engine and gearbox noise is muted to a nice low pitch throb.

Fabulous result.

Dave Moore

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