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MG TD TF 1500 - Ammeter Backwards?

Still sorting a number of annoying issues with my new TD that I've only had 5 days and can't drive due to no insurance card yet. I'm wondering if the person who converted my car to negative ground missed a step. My ammeter ticks a small charge when the turn signals are activated. I would assume it should show on the negative side (engine off).

I don't think this is related to my generator light being on all the time, but hey, what do I know :-) Any info appreciated.
L Karpman

Larry, any discharge, e.g., turn signals, brake lights, fuel pump clicking, etc., should show up as a deflection in the negative direction, i.e., to the left.
Bud Krueger

That's what would seem appropriate. Do you think then the wires were never reversed when changed to negative ground?
L Karpman

Larry. With the key off just turn on the headlights. If the ammeter shows a charge then all you have to do is reverse the leads on the back side, If you are leery about doing it just leave it alone and accept that it is charging in reverse. Nothing will happen , All it indicates is the polarity.
Sandy Sanders

No problem on reversing the leads. Easy. Thanks!
L Karpman

Just make sure that you disconnect the battery before you start. Also, your clock power lead may be attached at the ammeter (either terminal). I'd also suggest that you connect the 'Inspection Socket' feed to the side of the ammeter away from the battery so that the ammeter will show current being drawn by something plugged into the sockets.
Bud Krueger

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