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MG TD TF 1500 - Ammeter Wiring

I am wiring my car for negative electrical ground. What are the proper ammeter connections for this arrangement?

I learned in another thread that the coil connections need to be reversed. Are there any other required wiring changes for conversion to negative ground?
Corey Pedersen 1951 TD #7169

The ammeter wires need to be reversed, or the ammeter will read backwards. It measures the flow of electrons, and since they will be going the other way, the wires need to be reversed. The coil wires should be switched too. Other than that, the generator needs to be re-polarized. You don't perchance have an electronic ignition conversion, do you? If so, they can't be switched, but rather would have to be replaced with a negative ground version.
D. Sander

Do you have a solid state fuel pump? if so that needs to be changed to neg ground.
Don Harmer

Thx, I'll wire the ammeter accordingly.
Corey Pedersen 1951 TD #7169

what about changing regulator connections how about a wiring diagram for negative grounding?
nmh nate

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