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MG TD TF 1500 - And after the car show

Went to a small town car show a couple of hours away. Nice show...Healey Tr carb..53 TD, V8 B, several midgets. TF ran well. Got home and my brother inlaw took me for a couple of short 1/4 throttle burts in his project. Liked to broke my neck. 600 hp

Nice 53


nice venue


Interesting generator distributor arangement on this 31 Austin American


My friends always know where to find the food and drinks and the best place to hang out.


Enjoyed the show and "ride" LaVerne. Thanks for posting. What type of car is your brother in-laws project?

John Brickell

LaVerne, I wasnt there but the Clipper Blue TD sure looks a lot like mine. Both wire wheels and all. Never seen another with wires on besides mine. Great Photos
Tom Maine (TD8105)

"My friends always know where to find the food and drinks and the best place to hang out."

That's what is important. We are considering a name change for our local 'T' register - from the Northwest MG 'T' Register to the Northwest MG Touring and Grazing Society - Ask John B. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Oh, how true, how true, Dave. Which May 21st should be a prime example of.

Cheers -- John
John Brickell

It's a nice car Tom. Very nice fellow that owns it. He said this was a 13 year project. Says he has another that he hasn't decided if it's a project or a parts car. Also owns an MGA.

Brother inlaws car is a 427 Cobra Replica. Thats a new 427 all aluminium Ford side oiler thats making all that noise. Starting the body work this week he says. Scary fast.

Pretty cool car show. Very small town. Sheep dog trials were going on at the same time and all of main street was a giant yard sale. Reminds me of what my home town used to be like 40 years ago.

LaVerne know...there is no replacing a gigantic amount of horsepower....brought out the old hot rodder in me.
(also reminded me of a drive I took in an Austin Healey/327 powered....)
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

What small town was that LaVerne?
efh Haskell

Hotchkiss Ed, you should have come by.

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