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MG TD TF 1500 - 'And so it begins'...the video

Okay, it's winter and apparantly many of us have started our winter projects. For better or worse, with best wishes and encouragement from many of you in the past few months, I'm gonna move to the next level of MG resotration. Enjoy the video:

I hope to post more as work progresses for my own documentation and your amusement.

efh Ed

Keep the videos coming... this will be great.... (are you sure you want to use 'strippers'.... bead blasting is so fast and unmessy....)

Way to go Ed.

I wish you lots of luck in your project and am looking forward to future videos. Would you post your chassis number in the next thread?

George Raham
TD 4224
G. L. Raham

George - This is TD#8686 (per the dumbiron).

Gordon, Yea I would love to have access to a blaster. Easton's soda blaster looks good to me. However 1)I live in the middle of nowhere and blastin' outdoors is not a possibility in our climate and there are no commercial stripper's or blasters within 60 miles and 2)I don't yet have a 60-80 gallon compressor (but I will by painting time) and 3)so far I have $7 bucks invested in Jasco stripper and it's working great (albiet messy). My goal is to hold off on the high dollar tools until neeeded, if possible. I can get a few gallons of Jasco and a good respirator 25 miles from here.

More exciting action coming soon to a theatre near you!

efh Ed

Are you going to try and do this with the car assembled Ed? I hope not. I recomend you get some heavy mil plastic sheeting. You can put on the floor so it doesn't ruin the coating there and once you coat a piece of metal with the stripper, cover it with the plastic. It's the fumes that acctualy do the work so the more you can hold in the area the better. Looks like a nicely arranged garage with lots of good wood tools. Snow fell and melted here.

I used "Airplane" stripper...nasty stuff...but sure gets the job done. Then everything but the tub went through the beed blaster. A long process but, IMHO, worth the effort.
Keep the videos comming & hang in there!
David Sheward

Laverne, new link below should answer your question. I hope to strip all but the tub on the bench with that window open & a respirator.

David, hopefully Jasco will do it. We don't have an airport using airport transfers sevenoaks, let alone airplane stripper:) (I can get it on the web if needed. We'll see...) Also, how did you get the "final" stuff off the tub without blasting it?

This will be last update for a few weeks. Driving back east for Thanksgiving (no, not in the MG). Have a great holiday all!
efh Ed

ed, i have seen aviation stripper at my local farm and fleet store. regards, tom
tom peterson

Hand sanding... (how did you get the "final" stuff off the tub without blasting it?)...lots of hand sanding.
The airplane stripper got most of it (and some of my skin!)
Lesson learned: Keep plenty of buckets full of water on hand and wet rags to get the stuff off you WILL KNOW when it has made contact with your skin.

Biggest problem with mt TF was that durring a early 70's repaint they had decided to make the car "perfect" that I mean way too much mud.
It was cracking under the paint.
I was elated to find (once we got it all off) there was no rust or dents...just tons of mud.

Maybe I'm nuts ...but we went the other direction.
Less than a pint of mud in her now. To me part of the beauty of these cars is that they were hand made ...I like the little imperfections in the metalwork. I think it is closer now to what she must have looked like when she left Abingdon. The little imperfections add charater to the car that you just don't get from modern "machine made" metal. Maybe not good for "concourse 100 point car" ...but that was not what I was after.

One little thing I did "mod" (a factory mistake far as I concerned)... the "channels" that run under the trim on the running boards need weep holes so the water will drain out under there. Was kind of shocked to see the pannel bashers did not think of that!
Have a wonderfull Turkey day all,

David Sheward

Hey ED...You no doubt know this but just in case....
Keep a fan blowing in there on your bare metal parts to avoide flash rust.
And (a bit of hummer) don't store parts in another vehicle that could be sold!
We had parts of Izzy stored in a motor home at my friends house where we were working....he sold the motor home ...when we went to put her back together we were missing a door! Ended up in Kansas ...luckey when we called him he still had it ...had been wondering what it went to!
David Sheward

Ed, Your car's old finish looks amazingly similar to my car (1953 #24885), It has a faded acorn green nitro lacquer respray, done in 1977. The ease with which you are removing the paint with the chemical stripper is very encouraging! Where does one find this Easton remover? Have you tried a flexible blade made of plexi or some other plastic? I'm just wondering how it will go with curved surfaces-especially concave, such as under the fenders? Have you decided on a color scheme? I don't know what my car left the factory with, but I found three layers of upholstery (sort of like an archeological dig) on my seats and the bottom was red. This kind of rules out the green, so I don't have any bias imposed by origionality. I am vaccilating between MG red and Woodlands (dark) green.
I am hoping that your progress will inspire me to bite the bullet and get started on my refinishing job. Please keep us informed!
Steven Tobias

In the video I'm just using Jasco stripper right off the shelf from a Home Depot! Pretty slick but it's taking a couple coats to get all the primer off. Eastwood has a stripper called Dekote, but I've yet to order any. Jasco is much cheaper and is working fine so far. There is also an orange stuff at HD that smells good and works, but is much slower.

Yes, I will absolutly need some sort of flexible blade. Razor doesn't work on the curves, I tried today. I'm still in early learning curve here.

Eastwood paints just happens to be where I'll be spending Thanksgiving, Pottstown PA. I plan on bending their ear quite a bit next week!

I'll probably go with a red or BRG also. Google "British Racing Green" and you won't believe the pictures and choices to choose from all called "BRG".

Glad to hear I'm inspiring somebody. Usually it's the other way around! More videos after Thanksgiving...

efh Ed

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