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MG TD TF 1500 - And The Fun Begins

Started pulling her apart yesterday. Amazing what you can find when you open things up. PJ

Paul Jennings

Ah, you found an engine :-)
Raymond Wardenaer

Now you've done it Paul. No turning back now. Good luck with the restore. If I can add my 2 cents take a nausiating amount of pictures as you go.

Dan H.
Dan Hanson


You mean like this? ?

Great start Paul!

Dave Braun

I take pictures of everything! I took 34 yesterday while pulling it apart, just to make sure thinks go back where they belong. So far I have to send the radiator to my son for a new core and straightening of a couple brackets and the top fan guard. He has a radiator shop in New Jersey and does a lot of custom work. I guarantee when this comes back, it'll look like new. PJ

The culprit!

Paul Jennings

My garage looks like yours! I just began the restoration of our TF, black 1500 TF8281.
This car has 57,000 miles on it, has never been hit, no rust and no rot. It was "painted" in 2001 by a local "professional" restoration shop. It had never been apart before then. They stripped the car of the factory paint and replaced the factory interior. They rushed the job, painting over dirt and mud on the bottoms of the fenders,left dents and threw it back together. My father drove it home (barely) and it never ran since.
After the TD restoration that was rusted, rotted, hit and rolled over this TF is a fun project. It should be back together this summer.
D. Sander

Yep ...your starting to look like I did 10 years ago for my "3 day minor paint touch up" lasted 9 months!
Digi pic everything...and then some.
And back them up on cd so you will have them...don't ask!
We are with you buddy!
David Sheward

I'm deep into month 7 of my "new paint job" which became a frameo-up. (If you want to see it, it's on Facebook & Youtube.) I'm about done with the black bits painting & actually am starting reassembly of the rolling chasis. Damn if it doesn't look like a new car!
efh Haskell

I have a TF, am planning a body on, fender off repaint. How many hours of work did it take you to get to the photo you posted?

Tom Norby

Tom, it took me about three hours. I pulled the hood/bonnet, then disconnected the light wiring, pulled the fender lights off, then the headlights and buckets off, took the front bumper off, unbolted the fenders, pulled the side panels and then the grill followed by the radiator. I didn't time it but I'd say about 3 hrs. PJ
Paul Jennings

Well, the job is moving along. I found two wood panels that need replacing when the time comes, the rear panel in front of the gas tank, as it's starting to split on the bottom and the trunk floor, as it has no access to the rear as the original one. All the rest of the wood is in great shape being very hard and solid. At first I was a little annoyed about the undercoating on the car, but now after seeing how well it has preserved everything it was put on, I'm happy it was put there. Removing it won't be such a chore after all. I might replace the floor if it is undercoated and can't be removed to natural finish. A couple of photos. PJ

Paul Jennings

Hi PJ,
Your a week or 3 behind me. I started about May 1. Is your green paint the original? We're going to green, but since the new formulations don't follow the old "recipes" I couldn't get the exact. Originally it was cream, somebody must have used spray cans & a brush to paint it red. I'm taking many pix, digicams are great. Our work is at:
I need to update the webpage, I'd rather do other things ;-)
Keep us posted on your progress.

A W Parker

A W, Where in NC? How far are you from Loris, SC? Email me if you like.
My car was originally red according to the number and more than likely be red again. The green that is on it now was done well but evidently they didn't take enough time on prepping the base primer coat. It appears that my car was primed over a period of time as I found three different primers so far and that's probably why the paint is literally falling off in sheets. I use a good etching primer on bare metal. PJ
Paul Jennings

Hey Paul,
Just a thought on single piece "boot floor". Mine had the 3 piece "correct" for rear end fluid inspection. It leaked every time I dove the car in the rain and made a mess in the boot. (have talked to a few others here over the years that have had the same problem.) I replaced mine with a single piece and sealed it. The "downside" ...yes it is a bit more hassle to check the rear end, (not a problem as I have never had to add fluid since Dave Zyp did my 4:3 conversion.) The other little thing I'll throw out at you, (in case you haven't seen it before)...I bought a couple of stainless serving dishes and made a great place to store my spares...also enlarged my storage and added a lock to it. Take a look-see here:
Another samll mod you may want to consider is the access to door hindge adjustments.
Just thought I'd throw it out there for you.
David Sheward

Hi PJ,
I'm in New Bern, NC, near the coast, 15-20 mi. from Morehead City & Beaufort. Not close to anything. Myrtle Beach, SC, is about 3 hrs south. OHH -- I just ckd Loris, you're about as close as you can get in SC, that's a surprise. There's a fairly active, small, vintage car group in Oriental, several British cars, they tour down in your direction a bit. Maybe we can get together sometime when we get things together. I'm not planning a tub-off job, am too impatient to get driving again, might be going in August.
A W Parker

Dave, Thanks for the photos! Great idea and thanks for the input on the floor leaking with the original style bottom. Checking the rear isn't a problem from underneath. I like your idea with the stainless pans. Nice!

AW, I know where New Bern is. I don't think my car will be ready for quite a while, but we have the wifes "B" to drive. Maybe we could meet at a function sometime. Be nice. PJ
Paul Jennings

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