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MG TD TF 1500 - Andrex shocks?

It seems that a 1952 MG-TD has found it's way into the garage. It was purchased by a dear friend in 1966 and driven for a few miles, less than 1.000, early on but has sat since 1974. So it's pretty close to a 'barn find.' It has a Judson supercharger, Lucas mag, based on valve timing, a non-stock cam and unknown engine work. It also has Andrex shocks up front, but not on the rear. While in the process of replacing brake lines and rear axle seals, I see that there are
tabs welded onto the rear axle tube between the lever shock links and the u bolts. They face forward. I don't see this on the parts manual axle tube. Is this for Andrex shocks on the rear? Where would they mount to the frame? Does anyone have pictures of what this would look like? Or if it's not for Andrex shocks, what would the mounts be for?

What modern oil is recommended for the Supercharger? And what cam is recommended to pair with the supercharger? I'll go through the engine at some point.


BVS Van Sloun

Sounds like you may have a Mark II or TD/C car. Can you send me the ID number? If nobody else does, I'll go out to my barn-find Mark II and get some pictures of the rear Andrex mounting points. As you perhaps know, they were also offered over-the-counter by BMC dealers, but since they required welding points, relatively few were sold. The last time I spoke with Peter at Wordwide, he believed he could rebuild Andri, but I have not sent any to him for repair or rebuilding.

The go-to guy on the Judson with all the answers, parts and service, is George Folchi. FWIW, I used to run Marvel Mystery Oil in the Marvel Inverse Oiler, without a problem.

Tom Lange
Bar Harbor, Maine
t lange

Welcone to the "Site" !!
The lugs were installed on the axle to be used when it was installed in some other vehicle,, but not used to connect any thing on a TD or TF,,,,

I'm sure you oil question will be answered shortly,,,



The car number is 17986, I don't think that it's a Mark II. I see that these shocks were listed in the parts manual as an option though. I'd appreciate seeing the picture of the set up!

Some more information on the car; it has has one Lucas 'Fogranger' fog light, a heater and something really interesting, a 'roller shade' in front of the radiator! There's a 'string' that goes from under the dash, across the engine compartment and over the radiator and connects to a roller shade at the bottom of the radiator. Pull the line from the cockpit and you can cover up the radiator. No more cardboard in front of the rad for those cold winter day! ;-) It's not cobbled together so it looks like a period accessory for any whacko who wanted to drive it in a MN winter. The car was originally Almond green with a tan interior.

Man, this is my first 'Whitworth' car. What a pain! I've picked up a set of tools (thanks to this board, I went to British Fasteners, great service) but it seems I need every wrench and socket in the kit.

BVS Van Sloun

BVS - quite right, not a TD/C car. The shocks were inbdeed available over-the-counter.

Can you let me have your e-mail, and I will send pictures later today?


Tom Lange
Bar Harbor, Maine
t lange

Where are you in MN?
Tom Maine (TD8105)

I'm in Minnetonka, MN
BVS Van Sloun

You have mail..
Tom Maine (TD8105)

When I was using my TD in competition, I had the Andrex shocks on all 4 wheels. It was a long time ago but if I remember, the rear shocks, bolted into the same holes as the original factory shocks. The front did require a connecting plate to be welded, and holes drilled through the lower front "A" arm with a spacer.

George Raham [TD4224]

Both rear shocks connect to the spring plate. TD/C's have different spring plates with two holes instead of one (see photo). Sorry I don't have a better shot.


J Barry

I have a Judson Supercharger on the TD I got about a year ago. As you can see from the photo there is an oil reservoir that feeds oil to the Judson. If you are missing it they are available as I remember. I use Marvel Mystery oil. It is the only thing to use in the Judson. The reservoir has an adjustment to control the feed. The jar has to be refilled about every 300 miles(PITA). I have a couple of containers sitting next to the battery in the battery box.

Mort 1950 TD Möbius

Mort. The MMO oilers are available thru George Folchi who is the Judson Guru. I really miss mine.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

Thanks for all the info! And it sounds like another use for Marvel Mystery Oil.

BVS Van Sloun


Spares for the Andrex dampers are neigh impossible to find. My PA is fitted with 'Andre' dampers at the front and Luvax at the rear.

At one time, there was some similarity between the Andrex and Andre dampers and there are some spares still available from Sports & Vintage ( See the bottom of the page.

I hope this helps, but don't get your hopes up. Be sure to measure carefully.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

They do, very occasionally turn up on EBay, sometimes as pairs sometimes the full set, rarely in working order. Probabaly a total of 10 over the past three years.

Bonne chance!

Ian Bowers

The fronts mount through the leading edge of the spring pan arms which had a threaded bar which fit into the channel of the arm, with the link going to a welded plate on the 'shock tower'. The rears are bolted to another welded plate on the chassis, with the links running to a special spring plate with 2 inboard holes for the andrex and the std shocks.

When I ran my MK2, I had new std shocks installed (back when you could still get them off the shelf) and a sway bar in the place of the front andrex (used the andrex mount holes and insert strip to mount to the spring pan) handled very well.

Have some andrex bits, bodies, links, all used.

Paul Gaynor

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