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MG TD TF 1500 - Anniversary

Another off topic but yesterday the 28th was my 26th wedding using wedding cars sevenoaks anniversary. I rarely find anyone that has been married longer and find it pretty sad people don't seem to stay together a lifetime any more. But I am betting that as old as some of you guys are you can beat me by a long shot:) So whatcha got? Also, I got two buckets and set them in the frame of the TD and made my wife sit on them with me. She said I was quite odd but I beg to differ.

Rob Welborne

Hi Rob, et al,
Our 49th anniv. will be on Jan. 27. I/We had a 52 TD when we got married, it was our only car for a yr & half, in upstate NY, where it was driven every day, to school for me, work for Pat. We made many 250 mi. trips home to Cape Cod, across the northern rt in MA, sometimes in snow. 2 yrs ago, Pat decided we should relive the fun, and we got Emma, our 54 TF, which took a yr to restore. Maybe we're both a little odd.
A W Parker

Rob, this is an image taken on June 7, 1958 of my wife and I leaving St. Claire Shores, MI, heading for San Diego, CA on our honeymoon. We're still running around in a TD (not the same one). Bud

Bud Krueger


My birthday is January 27th. I will be 46. I will be happy for both of us.

Rob Welborne

I'm young like you Rob - 44, and in August will be married for 22 years. Been with her since I am 19 and she was 18. Think she's a keeper.

I courted my wife in my 53TD in 1966-68. Then I sold the car and we got married in 1969. I've always wondered which one of the two I should have kept.

I'm glad she doesn't read this BBS.


Mort 1950 TD1851 Möbius

Celebrated our 47th this past June 21st. Our first new car was a '67 Volvo and both sides of our families thought we were nuts at the time to buy a foreign car which had "that little four cylinder engine". Life's been good and we've been fortunate to have shared these 47 years together and hopefully, many more to come.

Cheers and the best in the new year to all -- John
John Brickell

My wife and I were maried 50 years this June,
At the time I was driving an OSCA powered twin-cam Fiat 1500. (The Maserati Brothers made that engine).
It was my wife who bought the TD in about 1966.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

It's 41 years and counting for us, and we bought our first brand new car the week before the wedding, a 1970 VW Beetle, without the only option, a radio!

Don S.
don scott

I'm 46 and last August I was married to Liesbeth for 20 years, Been with her since I am 18 and she was 21. She likes old cars too, so she's definately a keeper.
Willem vd Veer

Got 42 years in with one off for bad behavior.
tom scott

My wife and I were married in 1957, in Miami, Oklahoma! Yes were still together and enjoy the same things after 54 years! PJ
P Jennings

And yesterday the 29th was our 28th! (Or do I have that backwards?) She had a Fiat roadster and a black lab when we met. I didn't have a choice. 3 labs and a TD later and we're still around.
efh Haskell

Fantastic how many years have been shared. A little Brittish car seems to be one of the ties that bind. I better hurry up and finish ous. She's starting to look at me funny and I can't imagine anyone else who would put up with me.

Everyone be safe for New Years. We want many more anniversaries.

Rob Welborne a bachelor i'm feeling left out....however, my brother (who got me started with British Cars) and I have enjoyed them over the last 50 years....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Although I'm quite pleased to have been married for 47 years, in honor of our bachelor Gordon Lawson, I provide the following:

I think, therefore I'm single
Marriage isn't a word. It's a sentence
Marriage means commitment. Of course, so does insanity.
Love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe

Cheers to all -- John
John Brickell

Returning from MG2011 in Reno, Andrea and I celebrated our 43rd in Amarillo, Tex.

Marvin Stuart

Gee, Gordon, I was expecting the Hooters girl pics. I'm very disappointed.
David Littlefield


Just for the record, Texans don't really look or act like that.


I don't think that anniversary counts the same but it definately counts.

Rob Welborne

58 yrs. married. T.D.s were new in 52 when I was in the militery in California. Beutiful blonds were driving them as I was hich-hiking with $3 dollars in my pocket. Vowed I would get one of those some day. Got the blond a year later. 50 yrs. till I got the T.D.
DL Rezin

Rob.... What? Marvin
Marvin Stuart

Donna, My wife and I were married the day after GOF 1980 in Lake Tahoe. If we had thought it out a bit, we should have had the ceremony at GOF. That is 31 years so far.
Bruce Cunha


Sorry, not a very good joke. Since you live in Connecticut I made the assumption you have not been in Texas much. I have been to the restaurant in your picture and found the food less than adequate, the employees quite strange looking, and the decor horrific. Then again it is made to attract tourist. I am not a tourinst and it got me inside. go figure. Happy New Year.

Rob Welborne

Hi Guys

Just back from my trip to the USA after a successful house hunting trip. Unlike my daughter, who is connected to her I-phone by an umbilical cord, I have been out of touch with the world wide community and thus have missed out on all the wonderful threads over the holiday period. This one is so close to my heart that it brought a tear to my eye when I read it.

Rob, how true you are in your belief that the vows made at the marriage ceremony no longer seem to last beyond the first big argument. I was lucky because my dad explained to me the secret of a happy marriage at my stag party the night before my wedding in 1968. “Son” he said “all it takes is two words” Don’t you mean three” I said, thinking he was going to say “ I love you” . “No” he said just two; “Yes Dear”

It worked for me. But a lifetime commitment is just that. So, Rob my advice to you is live it to the full because you never know how long a lifetime is.


PS Today is the second anniversary of my lovely wife’s death at the age of 62 after 42 years of marriage
Mike Sutton


You are so lucky to have had someone to love and to love you for 42 years. You are so right that each day is a blessing, and there is no doubt in my mind that she lives on through you and your children. I too am a firm believer in "yes dear". Your father was a wise man.

God Bless,


Rob Welborne

Been married to the same girl for 37 years the coming september. Here is a picture of her, then my girl friend, in front of my white and light green Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe 1954 model, with the good old straight six and manual three speed box. My wife is wearing a pale blue crimplene dress in the picture, pic was taken on a summer trip to Denmark, probably in the town of Hornslet or Nestved.

Not being an MG it was still a lovely car. Sold it in 1973 for 450 USD. It was a low mileage car in great condition and I really miss it. But then, my wife enjoys our TF so much more than large American cars - but I will have to install seat belts....!



Jan Kristoffersen

Sigh. TF6288 and I have been together for 42 years and Christine for 32 years. Both have been great companions. Christine once said if I ever wanted to leave she was coming too! Go figure.

Kev S TF6288
K Simonsen

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