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MG parts spares and accessories are available for MG T Series (TA, MG TB, MG TC, MG TD, MG TF), Magnette, MGA, Twin cam, MGB, MGBGT, MGC, MGC GT, MG Midget, Sprite and other MG models from British car spares company LBCarCo.

MG TD TF 1500 - Another interesting piece on the early 50

This starter switch is new to me. Might be common but the only ones I have used or seen have stud posts and not bolts for the cables

L E D LaVerne

Threads into solid copper lugs and surprisingly it still works...which is more than I can say for some of the replacements right out of the box.

L E D LaVerne

The bolts are 9/16" so ????

L E D LaVerne

Also of interest to me was this HP fuel pump that was in the boxes of parts. Not original to the car bur what I thought was red paint on the cap was wrong as it is molded red plastic.

L E D LaVerne

There was also a new unused rebuild kit with it including a new black cap

L E D LaVerne

So I rebuilt the pump...originally I put the black cap on it but after talking with Dave I put the red one back on.

L E D LaVerne

It also had the rubber cover in the box.

L E D LaVerne

The fuel pump on my TF, which I believe to be original to the car also has the red cap and had the remains of the rubber cover.
J K Barter

I suspect that they were original to the early rear mounted pumps on TF's
L E D LaVerne

The really interesting fuel pump cap is the clear plastic one that lets you see the action. How cool is that!
John Quilter (TD8986)

I like it.
TRM Maine

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