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MG TD TF 1500 - Another MKII not

E bay number 251336483185.. AM I wrong, don't think this is a Mark II
Tom Maine

Well, the chassis and engine #s check out on the T Register production records site. Definitely the 1-1/2" carbs (but are those TF carbs?), you can see the front double float bowl banjo has a capped off stub coming out of it. So I think legit. Tom Lange's opinion?



George Butz

What is that object between the valve cover and the bulkhead?

Yep, looks OK to me. Correct Andri, carbs, bonnet bulge and all numbers match. Missing are the second fuel line and pump, but I believe I can see the two (filled) holes for the second pump mount in the correct position, next to the tool box. Also missing the oil bath air filter, but interesting air filter! I wonder how (IF) that little thing breathes?

And no, I can't quite tell what the thing is behind the engine. I DO know I hate the tacky dash, the wide white tires, the steering wheel cover, the non-original interior and the artillery on the badge bar.

The car sold for $14,400 a few weeks ago, with a non-paying buyer from Europe.

If you want to see a genuine NOT Mark II car on eBay, see 130990388827.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

I think that object behind the block on the firewall is a turn signal relay. Look at all the wires going to it and the flasher sits where the horn should be. Its a 51 so it would have have turn signals. But somebody thought that was more important than a second horn :-)

Interesting routing for the oil pressure too. Got to use those holes from the horn.
Chris Couper


The NOT Mark II car was relisted as a 1953 TD.

Jim Neel 53TD28423

There are indeed those times when a seller is encouraged to see the error of his ways, and actually repents! In this case, the seller was eager to correct his innocent mistake.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

130990388827 is a nice car. Re-plate the ID plates nickel, add an underdash, re-coat the exhaust manifold, fix a few things on the valve cover and they are good to go except for ...

I noticed it does not have a center windshield motor. I wonder if that was correct for that car or if they had to replace the top frame and did not notice the difference? Its right at the transition period. But then it does not have a three bow top too so I think they had to find a new windshield and top for the car and did not get a 53 set.

Its on ebay again as 130991433934 but if you go to their website they want $27,500 for it.

They have another red TD with a blower that's not as nice for $32,000
Chris Couper


Just a question. On the two 1953s I have owned the wing mirrors were/are directly outboard of the marker lights. This one looks like the mirrors are behind the markers. Was this ever the factory location or are they a dealer/PO add-on?


Jim Haskins
J. M. Haskins

I thought I had written on this before, but it appears it did not go through. As far as I know, those fender mirrors were all aftermarket accessories, and would be mounted wherever.

The location outboard of the driving light would certainly give the best panoramic view.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Tom is correct. No fender mirrors were standard so it was up to the owner or dealer to decide if and where.
Chris Couper

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