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MG TD TF 1500 - Another reason for DOT 5

Took the brakes off the rear of the TD Differential today. I have used DOT 5 on this car for over 25 years.

Here is what the rear brake cylinder looked like. No rust, no pitting, everything came apart easily. Rubber piston cap is like new.

Bruce Cunha

Trick question - aluminum wheel cylinders don't rust. :) Regardless, I like DOT5 also. I don't use it in T-cars at this time, but I do use it in MGA/B/C.
Steve Simmons

Correct, but the steel pistons do. When I was using DOT 3, every year after winter storage, my pistons were stuck in the cylinder due to rust.
Bruce Cunha

Aluminium does not rust, but it does oxidise readily (we just donít call it rust). The oxide layer usually protects it from further oxidation, but in some applications the oxide layer is removed and oxidation continues rapidly.
Dave H
Dave Hill

I've found the same thing with the pistons after soaking for years in DOT3. The rusted surface digs in and you practically destroy the cylinder getting them out. Especially when the dust boots have gone missing.

Last I disassembled the aluminum cylinders in my A and C, which run DOT5, they looked brand new as your do!
Steve Simmons

I don't understand why White Post don't guarantee their work if you use Silicone fluid.

Does not make sense.

P G Gilvarry

None of these people know anything about rubber technology and the make up the seals, so they follow the herd and donít wanted be seen to approve Dot 5.
Dave H
Dave Hill

The brake systems on my 5 old British cars are working fine with DOT5 for the last 25 years. I'm not taking them apart for inspection but I do hope they are as good as yours, Bruce.
John Quilter (TD8986)

I use DOT 5 and I've had it in my Sunbeam Alpine for over 20 years. No problems. Of course, I'm a 'belts and braces' kind of guy anyway, so when I rebuilt the system ages ago I sleeved everything with brass and the disc brakes got stainless pistons. The system ought to last until the next ice age.
Kevin McLemore

Just speculation on White Post- I had a wheel cylinder they sleeved (years ago when a single front TD cylinder was near $100!) and it leaked between the sleeve and body. Still have DOT 5 in the master they did back then that is still perfect however. George
George Butz III

Thankfully, White Post didn't do mine, George! :)
Kevin McLemore

Took the other side off and found the same clean cylinder. Not even any black looking fluid in the cylinder indicating the rubber has not been touched by the fluid. I see black fluid all the time in DOT 3 systems.
Bruce Cunha

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