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MG TD TF 1500 - Art Mafli?

Does anyone have any information on Art Mafli? He is the last of the mgtf contributors I cannot locate.
Chris Couper

I've wondered that myself. He used to have a very nice web site on TF's but it went away quite some time ago.
L E D LaVerne

Haven't heard from Art in years.
You found Jeff Payne & Dave Cates?
Haven't heard from those two for quite some time as well.
I know Dave sold his TF and bought a Porsche.
David Sheward

Jeff Payne, Barrie Jones and Mike Walsh. Was I supposed to look for Dave Cates?

If Dave sold his TF and bought a Porsche well then ...
Chris Couper

Chris - Please contact me at: for information about Art Mafli. I have tried sending you an e-mail twice and both times it has come back with the following statement
The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Thought Dave Cates was an early contributed to the TF site? He was on this BBS quite a bit as well.

Jeff Payne had some very nice "TF artwork" he had done ...but haven't heard from him in years either.
Still active in "things TF'?
David Sheward

Dave I did not have listed. Jeff yes and he is still active, as are you, Matthew, Bennie and Mike Walsh.

Just Art is MIA.
Chris Couper

Hope Art is ok ...heck of a nice fellow.
David Sheward

Art contacted me. His email is on the MGTF site for those that want to communicate with him.
Chris Couper

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