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MG TD TF 1500 - auto transport

I need to transport my 51 MGTD from kentucky to washington state, any suggestions, experiencs good or badn appreciate comments, thanks
gei irwin 1

Mr. Irwin

You will want enclosed transport. 5 years ago, I used Horseless Carriage to bring the TF from NY to Oregon. Flawless, honest, well done. I looked over transport ads in Hemmings, and after making several calls, went with them.

'54 TF
Tom Norby

Send me a plane ticket... I've cross country experience in a T. :-)

The following is from my web-site and my experiences in having my mgtf transported from Georgia to Olympia WA. I hope this proves to be helpful.


I eventually came across the site, This site proved to be very helpful. It listed out a series of "concerns/things to consider" when contracting with a transportation company. Then, once at this site, I clicked on "Find Auto Transport Companies", and then clicked on the sub-category, "Specialized & Classic Vehicles (enclosed trucks)".

After calling several companies on this "specialized" list and speaking with their sales reps, I narrowed my list down to two companies and eventually went with Direct Express Auto Transport, who in turn assigned the transportation of the MGTF to, Continental Transport, Inc. - CO. Although I am neither making a recommendation, nor condemnation, of any transport company, I can say that my experiences with these companies exceeded my expectations and I could not be more pleased with every phase of the transportation of the TF. As you can see from the photos, this was an enclosed transport, but even at that, the driver, Steve Komenski, still insisted on covering the TF with an individual car cover. Nice touch, I thought.
John Brickell

If I knew then what I know now, I would buy that LaVerne guy a ticket. Not a bad way to go, and he might sort your car out nicely.

'54 TF
Tom Norby

I've used two companies I would recommend...

Reliable Transport has moved three cars for me. One from GA to CA, one from Alabama to CA and one from CA to Missouri. Two of the cars arrived ahead of schedule, and one right on time after only two days transport time. All were delivered by husband / wife teams who were car nuts. I saw great attention paid to the safety and well-being of the cars during transport and unloading, and I have high expectations.

The other outfit was TFX International. They were very friendly and the driver was a great guy. The car did arrive a day late but it wasn't their fault. Seems the delivery before me said there was room to turn the truck around, but when the driver got there it was a very narrow road. So he had to back the truck down a twisty mountain road..... for 20 miles!! He got extra points for calling my MG YB "the cat's meow".

Another company I've heard spoken highly of is Horseless Carriage. They specialize in collector and exotic cars. Their prices are a bit higher than others from what I've seen but I have no personal experience with them.

When you choose a transport company, I recommend avoiding brokers. They are just a middle man, so you could pay more for transport and you won't even know who is actually moving the car for you. Using one to move your car is taking a chance. Sometimes it works out well and other times it becomes a nightmare. You need to decide how much of a risk you're willing to take, and how much money that risk is worth to you. Ask if they own their own trucks, and ask if it is enclosed or open trailer. Open is cheaper but will not protect the car from weather, rock chips, etc.

Hope this helps!
Steve S

I used Intercity to transport my XKE from Arizona to Texas some years ago. Excellent experience! I've heard nothing but good about them from others, as well. I see Wayne Carini from Chasing Classic Cars use them a lot, though maybe he gets endorsement credit. :) I'll probably use them again to transport the same car from North Carolina back to Texas.
David Littlefield

i have had great success with horseless carriage. regards, tom
tom peterson

I was also looking at shipping a car from Wisconsin to California. I tried one of the on-line companies that sends your requirements to a number of transporters. I was amazed in that within 24 hours I had 15 companies contacting me. Some of the above that are listed were among them. Estimates ran from a low of $875 to a high of $1200 but most were very close to around $1100 for an inclosed transporter. Note. I also received a number that did not have inclosed transports.
Bruce Cunha

My Mg TD was recently transported by "Pasport Auto transport "
Good service ( driver was a ex state trooper )
And I have nothing to complain.
Gerard Hengeveld

laverne please contact me at
garry irwin

gei irwin 1

laverne please contact me at
garry irwin

gei irwin 1

You had mail Garry.

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