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MG TD TF 1500 - Aux fuel pump.

I would like to put a modern electric fuel pump in the line as an aux pump in case the MGB pump fails. Will the electric pump push fuel through the B pump if it is not working?? Thanks, JL
James Lea

I dont know about a MGB but on the T car I think it will go thru the pump.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

I have an electric pump in the back end of my TD. I can switch from one pump to the other with a flick of a switch. The rear pump will push through the front pump with no problem or damage to the front pump. It is very good insurance. Not having an MGB, I can not advise you on that matter, but see no reason for different results.


George Raham [TD4224]

I added a mechanical pump (from a Morris Minor)in series with the electric (SU) pump on my AH-Sprite.
Again not an MGB but another SU

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

I have a low pressure FACET pump mounted between the tank and the SU pump on my MGB GT and have no problems passing fuel to the engine thru the SU.

Jan Hurd

James - See the article, Backup Fuel Pump in the SU Fuel Pump Articles section of my web site at: for instructions on installing a permanently installed back up pump. Cheers - Dave

PS. By the way, the SU fuel pump is just as modern as any other electric, pump on the market and can be had in an all electronic version.
David DuBois

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