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MG TD TF 1500 - Balancing Wire Wheels

Took my 5 wheels to Dinos Tire in Tulsa this morning and the fella from our club met me there with the special attachments to spin balance them. 4 wheels were 1.25 oz. out of balance and one was 3.00 oz. out. They use stick on weights and when done all came out O.O. With the wheels on the car, you can't even see the weights. Perfect! PJ

Oh yeah, The chrome wires I bought from Moss and all were perfectly true, no run out whatsoever. These computerized machines are the best.

Your balance corrections are within a similar range as my wire wheels balanced a few weeks ago after buying new 48 spoke painted wire wheels from Moss. My maximum correction was 2.75 oz and minimum 0.75 oz. They also zeroed to 0.0 after fitting the stick-on correction weights. I also used a special adaptor to locate the wheels on the same concentric locations they see when fitted to the hubs on the car. I replaced all my hubs, wheel bearings and seals when I fitted the replacement wire wheels although the original splines were still in reasonable condition. I purchased 48 spoke painted wheels to preserve the original look as chrome spokes were not offered as a factory option

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