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MG TD TF 1500 - Beadings

I think this topic has turned up before but I am unable to find it. I am just about to make up the beading that goes between the wings and the body, around the door appature, across the dash and to the sides of the front apron. There are a couple of things I would like comment on i.e. the diameters and the material for the core. Firstly can someone provide the external diameters of each bit of piping. Secondly I propose to use a hard core for the wing piping (circular electric cable from an old power drill ?) but for round the door and dash I will use clear plastic pipe. The reason for the latter is so that the door can compress it slightly and thus make a good seal. Am I on the right track

Jan T
Jan Targosz

I retrimmed my TF using an NTG interior kit. The piping came in two sizes using clear neoprene tubing of 6mm (tub top and doors) and 9mm (front apron). Can't help with the exterior piping I'm afraid as I didn't inherit any offcuts.
Hope that helps a bit
John James

Jan, the interior and exterior piping are two different sizes. Ideally, the interior piping will be dyed together with the leather and Rexine (vinyl).
Bud Krueger


The Moss exterior piping lists 9/32 on the package. Not sure whether it is inches, barleycorns, or gnat's eyes. :^)

Evan Ford - TD 27621

jan: look on the mgtf web site and you will find pictures of orig bead and sizes of the two dia's of beading on the TF. Common mistake made by restore's is to make the bead too large.
colin stafford

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