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MG TD TF 1500 - Beautifull TF replica UK
Now I know from life's experience that "Replica vehicles in England are a WHOLE DIFFERENT ANIMAL than replica's in Colonies.
I think this is a beautifull car just on it's own merits. And right now its only at $4703.99 USD. It looks really well done. Don't know about import probs but it sure makes me negative to "burocricy politics" that dosen't allow US US citizens access to vehicles like this when I see people driving in work tarffic on the freeway with taped up brake lites and hanging facias. Soryy for ponting.
Have a nice week end.
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

I never saw any TF with bucket headlights. Or with a painted radiator surround and black grill, etc.
It's not even a TD replica. There are far better TF "replicas" out there.

Don Harmer

Whew....the rear end is not overly attractive????
gordon lawson

Geaaghhh! Apparently, someone likes it, because there's bidding action. Have you noticed the doors? Apparently, there aren't any. I guess you've got to enter and exit using the 'Dukes of Hazzard' technique. Excellent April Fools Joke, Gregg.
Mark Barrington


I can only think of one question....


Evan Ford - TD 27621

Beautiful and TF Replica in the same sentance is an oxymoran. Sorry, my feelings, Dave
David DuBois

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